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Top Concern for iPad Users: Jailbreaking

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Should Apple be concerned that so much of their user base wants to override their controls? The #1 thing iPad users are searching for these days is “iPad 2 jailbreak.” It’s also the #5 most searched-for term, when you rephrase it “jailbreak iPad 2.” Obviously, opening up iOS to get away from Apple’s app store and policies is at the top of many iPad users’ minds.

To determine this, we looked at the most searched-for terms by iPad users across the Chitika ad network over the past week. They also seem to be very interested in the upcoming British royal wedding: the #2 query was “Kate Middleton” (soon to be Princess of Wales), and #3 was “royal wedding.”

The following is a full list of the top 10 search queries by iPad users over the past week:

#1: iPad 2 Jailbreak
#2: Kate Middleton
#3: Royal Wedding
#4: Calendar 2011
#5: Jailbreak iPad 2
#6: Best iPad 2 Apps
#7: YouTube Downloader
#8: Pregnancy Week by Week
#9: Hulk Pictures
#10: Free Games for iPad

Jailbreaking, royal nuptials, and pregnancy – a nice combo of interest for iPad users.Top Concern for iPad Users: Jailbreaking

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