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13 Facts about Sperm

Monday, April 4, 2011

Perhaps many people who already know where it came from sperm and its function in the process of egg fertilization. However, sperm actually still have a lot of interesting secrets that have not been revealed. Dr. David Shin, head of the Center for Sexual Health & Fertility of Hackensack University Medical Center, United States, to share information about the 13 facts about sperm, which are as follows:

# Sperm is produced in the testes and it took 10 weeks to mature.
# Mature sperm can wait up to 2 weeks in the 'waiting room' which is called the epididymis before they debuted. The epididymis is a circular channel located at the very top and back of the testis. Its function is to channel sperm.
# Sperm only contributes 5 percent of the total volume of seminal fluid. The rest consists of a liquid medium which provides nutrients and protection of sperm so he could travel to the female reproductive tract.
# Male healthy produce 70-150 million sperm every day.
# Sperm can live up to 5 days in the womb. This explains why someone can get pregnant a few days after ovulation (release of egg cells).
# Sperm Y, which will produce a baby boy, swim faster than X sperm, which would produce a baby girl. Y chromosome is smaller and has less genetic material than X chromosome # Human Sperm size of 55 microns. In comparison, approximately the size of a human hair is 100 microns.
# Sperm comes from the Greek, meaning 'seed'.
# Sperm can only swim forward, not backward.
# Normal sperm has a head, bit the middle, and tail. Abnormal sperm could have two heads or two tails.
# In the United States, men in New York has a sperm count 50 percent more than men in Los Angeles.
# Linger in the sauna or hot bath can reduce sperm count.
# Lubricants, lotions, and saliva can cause reduced sperm movement.

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