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Xpand Introduces New Technology, 3D Glasses at CinemaCon

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Firm also unveils plug-in for 3D PowerPoint presentations.

LAS VEGAS -- 3D technology provider Xpand sees 3D becoming ubiquitous.
At CinemaCon, the company launched Xpand Infinity as a flexible new 3D system developed to support almost any screen size, shape and surface -- including large venues. Xpand also showed a clever 3D plug-in for PowerPoint.
The projection system was conceived to handle wide, flat, curved, dome-shaped or even Cinerama format. An unlimited number of Infinity systems can be linked together to operate as a large-scale system. Xpand said it can project onto any type of screen surface.Xpand Introduces New Technology, 3D Glasses at CinemaCon
Users have a choice of regular Xpand active glasses, priced at $35 a pair; Xpand Infinity glasses, at $55; or Xpand Infinity Deluxe 3D, at $75. The aim is to give theater owners a variety of price point to allows them to offer premium services, explained Ami Dror, chief strategy officer of Xpand3D. He likened the model to the airline model of offering economy, business and first class service.
Xpand Infinity and Xpand Infinity Deluxe Glasses are equipped with RFID anti-theft tags.
"The new glasses are more durable and allow the cinema management to monitor its inventory and usage levels throughout the cinema location in real time," said Maria Costeira, CEO, Xpand. "Some of our beta sites achieved a 3DCPU (3D Cost Per User) of less than 4 cents."Xpand Introduces New Technology, 3D Glasses at CinemaCon
Xpand also introduced on Tuesday a 3D plug-in for PowerPoint, aimed at allowing users to add depth to elements in a presentation and embed 3D movies, images, graphics and objects to jazz up PowerPoint presentations.
"We have proven in various case studies that 3D improves viewer retention by more than 30%. 3D PowerPoint presentations are now more interesting and deliver much more impact," Dror said. The plug-in is compatible with MS Office 2010, 32-bit or 64-bit. The 3D content could be viewed on a computer, compatible 3DTV or a video projector that supports HDMI 1.4 3D formats, using Xpand Universal 3D glasses.Xpand Introduces New Technology, 3D Glasses at CinemaCon
The full version of the Xpand PowerPoint 3D plug-in is available at the Xpand website.
Also on Tuesday, Xpand demonstrated its growing presence in China, announcing a deal for 100 3D cinema systems to Zhuhai China Film Cinema Service, as well as the opening of a new Xpand office in Beijing.
"Our new location in Beijing is an important part of our strategy to meet the demands of one of the largest and fastest-growing cinema markets in the world," Costeira said. "The benefit of the new offices is twofold, as it enables us to further increase our support mechanism in the region, which we hope will translate to increased sales in the local marketplace."Xpand Introduces New Technology, 3D Glasses at CinemaCon

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