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photo features of the new iPod video

Saturday, March 19, 2011

photo features of the new iPod video

One of the newest devices and digital downloads on the market today is undoubtedly the new iPod video. The small device has changed since the last model `s start and the most important development is represented by the improved ability to play videos.

However, the new iPod video is not movies or video clips from music because he has made some improvements since the last model, accessories, and improved functionality. As the production company claims Apple, on the development of the product: Experience the Evolution of the Revolution. First it played songs. Then photos. Then podcasts. Now iPod plays video. Importing and saving photos is an important feature of the latest iPod models and still is, even with video.

iPod Video such as previous generations of iPod, you can import photos from a digital camera or card reader. One of the best ways for them is the Apple Camera Connector, which works with a camera and a USB card reader. But using the camera connector from Apple or Belkin Media Reader (for other generations of iPod except the iPod video, which is not compatible with Belkin) might make more intensive use of the battery from the iPod. With USB 1.1 camera, the battery remains half charged after the procedure. During the transmission of pictures with the UBB first Camera, iPod displays thumbnails of the imported images. At the end of the journey, you can browse the images, but you can not see on TV.

The new iPod video provides options for the photo album with high quality images and photos. These can be classified or that can slide and a big plus that the new iPod video provides images are making miniature.

Another feature of the 5th Generation of the iPod, which connects the snapshot feature is the large color screen that this version of the iPod offers. The screen is larger, however, created from the start these items on the market. In addition, the display brightness and razor-sharp text optimized titles such as long can be easily read. As a result, the images are large and sharp, too. Although the company Apple announced the new battery (the 20 hours from 16 hours of the last iPod model), the battery runs out quickly if the backlight is on. However, the backlight is not necessary in most situations because the text is readable and the images have good visibility in sunlight or bright light indoors.
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The photo importing and saving feature of the new iPod Video has changed from the last model of these devices, leading to a better public response and an optimized device. import with the new set of images and store video iPod provides improvements in this area, as well as the obvious improvements in video processing. The Apple company symbolizes the capacity of the new iPod video, and notes that the new device can hold up to 15,000 songs, pictures, 25,000 and 150 hours of video.
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