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Computing Business HP soon to Get Into the Cloud Computing Business Posted by Erik Kneeland

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hewlett-Packard has decided to get into the cloud-computing business and put in a bid against its rivals, Amazon and Google.
They announced their plans on Monday to put together a portfolio of cloud computing abilities from infrastructure to platform services. Part of that new endeavor will include an “open cloud marketplace” where developers will be able to develop apps for both users and companies.
Chief Executive Leo Apotheker  said that they were doing it because they could see that users were embracing the cloud computing experience and it was changing the way that everyone from individuals to small businesses and large enterprises were giving out and using their information technology nowadays.
After it bought the smart phone maker Palm and its WebOS last year, HP has said it will continue to expand and will but its WebOS into a larger range of products, speeding up its presence in the electronic world by bringing 100 million devices each year.
This is the only time Apotheker has announced publicly the HP strategies since he took over from Mark Hurd, who has been given credit with being the person who rebuilt HP into the world’s biggest computer maker and who quit last August after he was accused of sexual harassment and making false expense reports.
HP hasn’t announced a starting date for the cloud service. Only time will tell if HP can get software developers to come over to the new platform with a group of other rivals like Google and Amazon already in the picture.

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