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Twitter is important for soccer player says Rio Ferdinand

Sunday, March 13, 2011

: Defender Manchester United (MU), Rio FerdinandRio Ferdinand, including players who diligently surfing in cyberspace. He is also active in social networking Twitter.

In fact, he said, Twitter is very useful for soccer players. Here are excerpts of an interview with Inside United, the official magazine of the MU.

Your Twitter Account has proved very popular. What do you want to wrestle in the world in social networking?

"The main thing is to show who really I am. Many people who judge me in a certain way and a lot of things that become the basis of the media to describe myself. That picture of them about me."

"I saw a picture of me in the newspapers with flashy earrings, chains diamond or gold watches. But that's not me anymore. Obviously it myself, but it had been when I was little and it was new money for me. But no fair to use the photo today. I'm a different person today. I'm more mature. "

Do you think now people will understand it?

"Yup, Twitter became good because of the media to explain what I was. I've heard people talking about me and they hope to be me who was in the red carpet every week. But I'm just being in the red carpet twice in my life."

"At least in the Twitter people can understand who you really are, rather than the media that describe you. I've got a short message from the fans who thanked me because it shows what life is actually a professional footballer."

But, there are still misconceptions about the football players out there. Is that correct?

"Of course. Some people think a luxury car decorated footballer, a great vacation, and a private jet. Some people think I ride a jet just to buy a glass of milk! When I ride the train, people ask me what I was doing there. They think I have to buy a train or something. "

"It's weird. I take the train because I want to place A and B with a fast and convenient for me to get there. Little things, like me to tweet myself sitting on the train, hopefully help people realize what kind of soccer players it really is. "

So, Twitter narrowing the gap between soccer players with the fans?

"Of course. A lot of fans who complain that to do with the player today and it lost a fair comment. I can understand why they say it. But, not all of us like that. I like to respond to fans and get into their debate. I think it is a very positive experience. "

What you experienced from Twitter?

"Every week, almost every day, I met with comment that said that I have inspired them or my Twitter has made them laugh. Some people are grateful to have connected them with clubs. Some people feel closer to Manchester United through this."

Followers are now more than half a million. Spiderman said, great power with great responsibility. What do you think?

"Well, it applies to Twitter, no doubt. I realize that many of my followers and I have a responsibility to ensure myself within certain limits. Indeed there is a limit. I'm playing for big teams in the world, so sometimes I have to be careful. "

Is the message you do it with full consideration?

"There are some opportunities for me to consult with the club's communications department before it can tweet about certain things and I know there are things that are forbidden. But that does not matter. I understand that."

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