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The gobandit GPS HD Camcorder is on its way….

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The German company gobandit is on its way to release the GPS HD active sports camcorder. The device is IPX7-certified waterproof and sports SiRF GPS that comes built-in to capture the location while you film, to determine the distance and speed in 3D making sure that every precious minute of action gets recorded and show the altitude as well as your position on a map.
Equipped with a 5 MP CMOS sensor that supports 720p HD or 640×480 video recording at 30 fps and still images, the GPS-HS gives the user the option to capture still images at either a three second or five second interval. The angle lens that is 135 degree wide rotates up to a hundred degrees on either side. The internal memory of the camcorder is 2GB and supports SD memory card.

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