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The Mass Phenomenon of Kids Soccer

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soccer has turned into a mass phenomenon and the number of children participating in the world game keeps growing exponentially. A famous Darwin once suggested survival of the fittest and it looks like soccer has adopted and taken hold of the younger generation.

However, the information clearly show that 78% of children playing soccer will quit the game before they become teenagers. Can anyone explain this?

To suggest this statistic exists due to one factor would be naive and ignorant. So what gives?

Has the game changed? Not since the last time I checked. Are kids losing interest in the game? Statistics clearly show the opposite and youngsters are drawn to soccer like moths to a lamp. So why the huge exodus?

Might it be the soccer parents? Could it be the soccer dads and soccer mums that place massive pressures on their young players?

It could be a surprise for you, but often it's the things you don't do that will help keep your child in the game, instead of direct assistance or intervention. Under no circumstance should you discourage your child with harsh criticism, ridicule and even abuse. A

As soccer parents it's your duty to safeguard your child's dream and new found passion for the game. Don't be the reason why your child will quit the game before puberty.

Based on numerous years of experience I'd really like to offer these suggestions to parents who with best intentions in the world, take on the obligation of helping their kids launch a soccer career.

Unless you've played the game or been involved in the sport, it's a good idea to allow the experts train your son or daughter. They have the patience plus the required skills to teach your kids the basics and to allow them to have a great time.

To cut a long story short, the best advice I can offer soccer parents is this, watch from a distance, be happy and be proud of your children and future football stars.

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