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Birthday Flower Gifts

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is someone you know celebrating their birthday? Then why not give them birthday flower gifts? Giving flowers has been a tradition that dates back centuries. Flowers are still the safest and perhaps most elegant gifts - you cannot go wrong.

Each month of the year is represented by flowers and a color scheme. Show the celebrant how much you care by giving him or her the flowers that correspond to his or her birth month.

For January, give white flowers. Carnations arranged in casual baskets are perfect. February's color is violet, so send a bouquet of violets and add a balloon! The color of March yellow is yellow, so send the celebrant some fresh jonquils.

April celebrants should receive pink flowers. Sweet peas would be great. If your recipient is a May celebrant, bring him or her some lilies of the valley. June celebrants mostly like the color red, so this is the time to give roses. Larkspurs, on the other hand, are perfect for July celebrants.

Yellow is back in for August. Gladiolus arranged beautifully will show your August celebrant that you care. Purple asters are perfect for September celebrants. October's color is feisty orange, so give the celebrant some calendulas. November celebrants, on the other hand, will surely appreciate a basket of chrysanthemums, and December celebrants will love a narcissus.

Some flower shops do not deliver on Sundays, so be sure to place an order by Friday and have the flowers delivered by Saturday if the celebration falls on a Sunday. If you are buying the flowers yourself, it is best to call the flower shop for an early reservation and drop by when the flowers are ready, preferably on the day of the celebration so that the flowers are still fresh when you get them. Lastly, remember that while there are rules on what specific flowers should given to a person celebrating a birthday in a specific month, you can always break them. Go for a nice mix of garden flowers or a dozen roses if you want to be different. The birthday celebrant will sure appreciate whatever you give, because everybody likes flowers.

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