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Football Training for Kids

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Foot ball is a team game and loved by all, kids, youth and old. Come FIFA world cup season or the League cup season, every child in every country is playing football in the local ground, or at least loving to kick the ball. The football game players are icons and heroes, and every child has a favorite to imitate.

Many parents encourage their children to join football training classes or football coaching. Coaching children is one of the most stressful and formidable challenges that one can undertake. It is not easy to make children (that too in numbers and groups) understand the rules and regulations, dos and don'ts, as well as teach them the skill and style. But, the flipside is the children of the resent times are exposed to the games much as the elders.

Kid's football training classes include children from 6 years above. A few also allow children less than 6 yrs of age. Children are fast learners. And because of their tiny frame, they can be swift, once they practice. With kids as student, the training session will be pure fun, and noisy. A football training coach has to bring himself down to the level of the child to explain the little tips, to make the child understand. Besides, adding an element of fun to the trait, the child can grasp easier. With loads of energy, and enthusiasm, children are the noisy lot, who may be more demanding from the coach.

It is always nice to present a football drill and demonstrate a dummy game for the kids to understand the game better. You can also encourage the child to raise question, and also make the demo a discussion to make them analyze why each step was taken and what was achieved at each pass as well as what can be the alternative moves.

Many children feel dissuaded and discouraged when scolded in front of other kids. A word of encouragement and correction in a light manner will help resolve issues than the stern and strict ways. Besides, longer hours of drill can be boring too.

You can read more about football training for kids online.

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