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bola- 10 'Deadly' Mental Game Blunders

Friday, June 10, 2011

Recently I asked for help from my readers. I wanted to
know your top pregame stress.

The response was overwhelming. We received many emails and
blog posts about how pregame anxiety stifles athletes
performance. So thank you.

Worry about results and performance was the number one stress
producer for athletes. A typical comment was:

"I am most worried about how I will perform in the game
and that leads me to feel anxiety."

I wanted to give you an "inside look" at my new program, titled
The Relaxed Athlete (the 5th program in The Confident Athlete

But that's not all! I have another surprise for you! On this
same page, you can access a free report titled...

"The 10 "Deadly" Mistakes Athletes Make
With Their Pregame Attitude"

In this PDF report, I describe the top 10 mental game mistakes
that athletes make prior to competition. I also outline the
six most important mental game objectives of your pre-
competition preparation.

Please watch my video and download the free report. Then
tell me if you agree with my assessment and please send me your
challenges about pregame anxiety.

Peak Performance Sports
7380 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819 USA

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