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birth flower february

Sunday, January 23, 2011

birth flower february 2011
birth flower february

Flower show with a touch of florists' entrepreneurship lures visitors in Agartala

2011-01-23 16:10:00

Admirers of colourful and fragrant flowers thronged the Tripura Legislative Assembly Garden to witness the annual flower show-cum-competition for floriculturists here on Saturday.

The flowers, which bloom during the winter season were put on display at this show held with an aim to encourage people to take more interest in floriculture and to make Agartala city green and clean.

The organisers said that such kind of exhibitions make flowers popular among the masses as well as the classes which in turn act as a catalyst for the youth of the region engaged in floriculture.

"We promote this as an entrepreneurship, as a business and it's a very good thing. In the last four to five years, it has developed in such a way that in our social functions all the flowers earlier came from Kolkata," said Pabitra Kar, an organiser of the Flower Show.

"But nowadays, it doesn't come from Kolkata, our Agartala market is covered by our local entrepreneurs and they are mostly the unemployed educated youth. For them it is a very good development," he added.

This year's edition boasts of over 250 varieties of vibrant and colourful flowers like dahlia, gerbera, marigold, chrysanthemum, orchid and anthodium.n their part, the visitors after having a look at the different varieties displayed said the exhibition is worth seeing.

"We came to see flowers. There are different varieties of flowers like marigold, petunia, pansy and different varieties of chrysanthemum. This exhibition is worthy to see and moreover, prizes are also being given," said Rina, a visitor.

The four-day long event has been organised by the Flower Lovers Association of Agartala. (ANI)
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