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Fixing an Offline HP Printer Problem Easily By Lazaro J Hester

Monday, August 30, 2010

An online printer will be very annoying, especially for workers. This is a great obstacle for them to finish their job properly and efficiently. If you are a user of HP printer and often face this problem, you will be happy to read this article. It gives you some simple tricks to trouble shoots this problem easily. Therefore, you will get your printer online back and continue your work.
First, you need to check the cables and make cure that all connections are secure. Check whether any cable is disconnected since this is the most common cause of offline printer cable.
Second, you can try to turn your device off. Wait for about one or two minutes and turn it back on. Sometimes, this problem happens just because a certain glitch in your network. Therefore, the printer should wait until the problem in this network is fixed.
Third, you have to check the toner or the ink cartridge. Mostly, both color and black toner or ink cartridges are designed to have certain capacity. When one of them is installed incorrectly or has too low level of ink, the printer device will go offline.
Fourth, try to find any residue that might jam the printer. Check for any sticky label residue, paper clips, or torn paper that might be left on your printer. Those residues will surely sop your printer from working properly.
Fifth, you have to set your device as the default printer of the computer. Check whether doing this step makes your printer go online. To do this step, you need to go to the Control Panel from the Start menu of your computer. Find the option of Printers and Other Hardware, select this option and find out View Installed Printers or Fax Printers under the option of Pick a Task. There will be selection of the questionable printer that is in offline condition. Choose the Printer option from and click on Set Printer as Default.
Just by doing those simple steps, you can easily fix offline printer problem easily. So, you can continue your job especially in printing documents conveniently.
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