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How to Keep Your Xbox 360 Trouble Free

Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to Keep Your Xbox 360 Trouble Free

By Charles Schuck III

The Xbox 360 is definitely an amazing piece of technology, but just like all other good things, it comes with its own share of problems. This gaming console is infamous for the dreaded "RROD" or "Red Ring of Death". Termed by manufacturer [Microsoft] as a hardware problem, the RROD represents itself as a series of three red lights on the illuminated power button of the gaming console and renders the console unusable. The internet is full to the brim with sites offering Xbox 360 repair videos to spare you the pain of sending your faulty unit back to Microsoft and wait for a couple of months before you get it back.

While the Xbox 360 repair videos could help you fix your unit in a couple of minutes, some troubleshooting tips could even prevent the problems from surfacing:

Make sure all of your connections are secure. A faulty power strip or wall outlet could also be the cause of the problem. Switching outlets or power strips could solve your problem. Also make sure the wiring of the room is properly earthed.

Make sure the video cables are properly connected [follow the color codes] to your Xbox. If you are HDMI cable, it is possible that the connections inside the cable are faulty and you might have to replace the cable.

Overheating is a big issue with the Xbox 360. Make sure the unit is not placed in a confined place with limited airflow. Also make sure that the unit is not placed near other heat emitting gadgets.

You don't want dust to get inside your gaming console and render it unusable. Make sure the area is dust free and an air purifier is placed in the same room as the Xbox.

The above tips might not sound "out of the box", but a lot of problems can actually be prevented by following them. If your console doesn't work even after you have made sure that everything is right, it's time to take a look at the console itself. The easy Xbox 360 repair guide videos available on the internet can help you fix your Xbox in a couple of minutes using household tools.

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