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Interview with the Peruvian goalkeeper Raul Fernandez

Friday, July 8, 2011

* Interview with the Peruvian goalkeeper Raul Fernandez
The feline saves launched him to fame in Peru, from where he was transferred to French football. Today is a figure of the Peruvian team and aspires to reach the final of the Copa America. Raul Fernandez analyzes the Copa America and the Peru’s moment.

What feeling does Copa America give you?
That it is played at good level, and the best players in the world are in South America. I feel very honored to be able to participate and learn what it means to play this tournament, and it serves us to know at what level we are for the qualifiers.
Definitely the draws of Argentina and Brazil surprised, especially after we came to this country and realize the optimism that was expected at the Cup. This should serve to honor their rivals as they play and also have their own goals. There are no more the ugly ducklings in South America, and we proved it, as well as Bolivia and Venezuela.

You said that things are balanced; do you believe that it is in a high or in a low level?
It is difficult to know, every match is different and I think that this is just bad performances by Argentina and Brazil. We have demonstrated that we improved and I reiterate that serves to demonstrate that we on the right track toward our goal: to qualify us into the World Cup in Brazil.

What Peru hopes in this tournament?
Our idea is to play the final, we believe we can and work for it. As the main thing is to go step by step and do not lose the starting dream, with order and sacrifice that we have, we know that is possible. First we have to win Mexico.

Have you studied the Aztec team?
Yes, it has many good players, despite being younger. Giovani Dos Santos is a great striker. It will certainly be hard, but our idea is to win, and we have to reverse in the field against what have never faced.

With that moment of Raul Fernandez, holder of your role in the national team and probably in of Nice from France after the injury of David Ospina, how you feel?
I am very tranquil; I expected it in the national team. About David is relative, because surely when we get back to the beginning of the season in France he will be recovered, so we will fight on equal terms, since I go to Nice to show that I can hold.

Did you feel as in the Peru’s starting XI?
Actually, no. The fight was very balanced. I worked with the same humility of always and in the end the coach chose me, even though Leo and Solomon also came at a good level.

How much did Oscar Ibáñez influence in your growth?
An idol, since childhood I follow him. It's amazing that now he is my trainer and I learned a lot with him. We have worked together in 2008, where he met him better and learned to appreciate his whole experience.

What do you think if I say to you Universitario de Deportes?
Definitely, Universitario de Deportes. It's my home, my life, my passion. It is a club that saw me grow and which promise to come back to retire.

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