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Basic SEO Tutorial By Palash Nandy

Monday, July 18, 2011

First part:

The successful of online business and effectiveness of a website depend directly on the traffic of that site. Search engine optimization is the key to success for increasing the traffic of any website. Online is the profitable and competitive field of marketing but you are not beyond of this global world where you can improve yourself by applying the SEO technique. To accommodate with this dynamic field of marketing, you must have clear concept on the SEO and it is the best period for you to learn about it.

Basic information of SEO

SEO means search engine optimization and this issue is related to the search engine. In the past the site directories were the main ways for facilitating access to the resources or data of the internet. The links of that time were separated by the topic. With the increment of the number of visitors, Yahoo extended their links and then algorithm of sorting and little searching come out. Though the search tool was not developed in that period but from then it was developed day by day.
What is SEO?

SEO is said to be the technical part for internet marketing and it is the main issue for the promotion of the website. It is the vital issue of optimizing the webpage to make the sites as the search engine friendly. The simple and conceptual definition of the search tool may be described as taking the higher position in the search result of the search tool. The browsers of the internet search their required topic by putting the keywords in the search engine and they browse mainly the first positioned links from the searching result. As your site comes towards the upper position in the search tool, the number of visitors will be increased exponentially.
Understanding search engine

Google, Yahoo, MSN etc are the well popular and global search tools in the internet world. These top branded search engines use different algorithm and databases for their own engine. For the best optimization of the search tool, it is necessary to understand the algorithms of the search tool. For understanding mechanism of the algorithm total SEO may be divided into some parts like spider, crawler, indexer, database, result engine and the web server. Your web browser works as spider, program that goes to the links of webpage is known as the crawler, detector of downloadable program is known as the indexer and data storing program is known as the database. Result engine filters and takes the data as you command in the search engine. Out of these technical issues, there are many general issues those are very effective for SEO. We will learn those terms step by step.

Description of searching algorithm

Computer algorithm and logical thinking of human are not the same. Human brain can analyze or search any topic or contents thinking many dimensions while computer algorithm can search the contents using dimensions. Basically search engine algorithm is within its text search algorithm mainly. With the advancement of the technology, computer program is developing day by day in different algorithms. But search tool search mainly orienting on the text not depending on the site view, video or audio. But it now depends on other issues like the HTML codes which also passively defines the text. Some activities are performed by the search engine for driving search result.

One of the activities is the crawl which works as the sensor or finder. For finding, crawl is occurred by the execution of the software which is called spider or the crawler. The best example in this period of this crawler is the Googlebot for Google. This algorithm visit links to links and the index of the site in the visiting way. Spider doesn't move all the websites at a glance or continuously. Rather than that, it detects the changing notifications of any site and then it stores that information in its database. Spider most often doesn't visit some sites for one month when the effectiveness of the search engine is not found. But you don't need to have a concern about that because it is the automated system.

As more the spider visits the site as your site will be better ranked. But it is the most asking question that how it can be possible to ensure the visiting. It is easy to understand the case and the solution of this problem. Search engine doesn't detect the image, video and other ultra design using JavaScript. When the spider faces these kinds of elements then it tries to overlook those contents and sometimes the site also.

When the spider visits the page then search engine algorithm executes the index of the web contents. Internet is now very extended and the database also very large. However after visiting the webpage search tool stores that information in its database. This indexing process is performed using some keywords those can describe the site best.

In this section the search tool processes the request that comes from the web browser. Then the algorithm compares the searching keyword through string to string comparison. It is very common to get the similar contents in more than one links. Then the search engine compares the number of keywords and other issues to give the priority. And those issues are very vital to be utilized properly for the improvement of the rank of your site.
Search tool use many logical instructions or algorithms for determining the relevancy. Keyword density, links and titles are some of the issues for the bet search optimization. Displaying the result is the last step of the activities of the search engine.

Second part:

High ranking is the great factor for the development of the online business. Raising the rank of the site in the search engine is now the main concern in this period. There are many internal and external factors on which the optimization is highly depended. In this section of the tutorial we will focus the internal and factors.

Contents should be highly informative

Webpage consists of some sentences with its information. Search engine prefers the highly informative contents those have the higher probability to come in the upper position in the searching result. Marketing gurus says that the ideal optimized page should contain 500 to 3000 words. Generally online visitors like to get the informative webpage through which they can get their necessary information.

Articles must have the keywords density

Internet browsers mainly search their required information using keywords in the search engine and search tool also finds and filters the contents using those keywords. A highly optimized webpage must have the keyword density. Ideally the keywords should be contained for the four to five times in the webpage. Search engine mainly follow the first and highlighted keywords of a page to filter the contents. For that reason knowledge of the HTML is necessary to highlight the keywords contents.

A single page should contain a specific keyword

Number of pages is also the factor of effective search of the search engine. Search tool prefers to search such websites those contain high information and pages. When search engine find and pages updated then it takes that pages in the extra priority. Using keywords in the navigation menu is also the significant issue for better priority. It is better to select one keyword for one page and different keywords should be used in different pages separately. If the page doesn't contain many pages and you need to use many keywords then you may use different sub links for different keywords.

Use the keyword in suitable position

Now days the administrators of the site used the images in the header and sometimes an image is used using the full main page which is the great obstacle for SEO. Because header is the great important area for optimizing the search and search engine don't search with image contents. The main keywords should be used in the header so that the search engine can find those words when searching. If using the logo in the header is necessary then you can use it in the little space along with the keywords as the hybrid technique.

Use the menu and other option effectively

Search engine can not find the scripts and for that reason site navigation using the scripts is not supported by the search tool. If you need to use it then choose the position beyond the header. You may use a link for that and this way will be more effective. Here the search engine will overlook that parts but if the link contain the keywords then it will be get the extra priority. Using HTML duplicates for giving site navigation is also the effective way.

Try to avoid the session ID

For various purposes the administrators of many sites design the algorithm for the session identification which identifies the single parameters of each visitor when visiting the site. The address of each visited page ads this ID with it and the ID is mainly the identifier of the visitors. For every period when visitors visit the pages then search engine seems each page as the new visiting page. Search tool will recommend those sites those are more time visited. So if the session identifier is not necessary seriously then you should give that feature for the best search engine optimization.

Be careful on making the title

For the search engine optimization the designers or the administrators have the effective contribution and they must have to know the HTML tags to make the sit searching friendly for the search tool. "Title" tag is very important for the search and search tool gives priority of this title for keyword searching. When your site will be the in the searching result then the browser also will displays the title of the link of that site. The algorithm of search tool mainly designed in such a way that it will display 50 to 80 characters at searching result and so why you should use the title and the man keywords within that word limit. Some websites contain such links those are very popular which also improves the rank of those sites.

Make the Meta tag as the introducer of your site

Meta tag is used mainly for the description of the webpage. The coder doesn't take this description for affecting the SEO but some search engine like Google displays this information as searching result. Meta tag is important because the visitor can read that. If the visitors get their required information in that content then they can visit the site. It is passive issue which doesn't affect the search engine directly.

Satisfy the visitors of the site

Best utilization of these issues may be responsible for increasing the traffic of your site. But the success of your website depends on the visitors. So it is necessary to keep the effective contents those are helpful for your visitors of the site. You should update your site and make informative. Nice looking site, eye catching title and other issues those will act as the element for keeping the visitors with the site, should also be taken in consideration for optimizing the best of the search engine.

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