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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MENDOZA | SURYA - Chile and Peru in the Pacific derby will undergo further qualifying Group C Copa America 2011 in the Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Tuesday (12 / 7) or Wednesday (13 / 7) morning. The party will memanggungkan two new forces that make American football a balance of power shifted to the South West region.

As is known, Peru and Chile are located in the western coast of Latin America or face the Pacific Ocean, while the two traditional strengths in this continent, Argentina and Brazil on the East coast or face the Atlantic Ocean.

The host Argentina, five-time world champion Brazil, and the 2010 World Cup semi-finalists, Uruguay has not recorded a single victory in this tournament, while Chile and Peru prepared to play in the quarter-finals after showing the best games throughout the tournament.

Chile seemed indeed not wait to go one step better than the previous four Copa America, which qualified for the quarterfinals. In the previous administration, Chile held in the quarterfinals after cleared Brazil, 1-6.

While La Blanquirroja Peru wants retracing greatness in the mid-1970s when the full talents of their troops, won the Copa America in 1975 before moving to the second round of World Cup 1978 in Argentina.

This time, strengthened the young players, both teams are equally want to repeat the triumph, although they first have to face each other in Mendoza. Chile would act as hosts to Peru in Group C at the last party where any result will not affect them step into the quarter-finals.

Chile midfielder who hunted Juventus and Inter Milan, Arturo Vidal believes his country will go far in this tournament. "We did a good job. Our biggest strength is the desire to succeed, "said Vidal, Monday (11 / 7).

Although the results of this match will not affect, but the players are still owned by Bayer Leverkusen's status is confirmed, his team still chasing victory. Not for points, but for pride between two teams on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

"Do not see this match as Clasico, but as a crucial game in which we must continue to expand and consolidate what recently we have done," he continued.

Peru's camp is also connected to each of three money, although the troops are trained Sergio Markarian was just going to rely on Jose Paolo Guerrero on the front line, following the absence of Claudio Pizarro and Jefferson Farfan, the two major mainstay in recent years.

The Peruvian, who had never qualified for the World Cup finals since 1982 and finished as a caretaker at the 2010 World Cup qualifier, also impatiently waiting for such a prestigious party. Guerrero expressed his belief that Peru will win the match as well as topping the final group standings.

"This team has a lot of talent and but the most important thing is to make Peru proud. We will pursue the group winners, believe in what we have, "he said.

Chile and Peru is a country traditionally hostile, mainly because of the actions of Chile in the late 19th century piece which annexed the territory of Peru. Until now, both are also still at loggerheads about the maritime boundary while the current President of Peru, Ollanta Humala has a history often make scathing comments on her neighbor.

But the coach who once commanded the Peru national team of Chile, Sergio Markarian was asked for political issues brought to the football. "Do not mix, let's let this just be a football game and enjoy it," he said.

Reconciliation is done early when the two countries held a joint musical performances at the ancient site of Machu Pichu, the historic town situated on a hilltop in the area of ​​Peru.

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