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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whey protein, whey protein also izolatı’nın konsantresi’nin the production technologies are the same as mentioned above. The only difference is, whey isolate, the production of holes is much smaller than the filter used for gliding. In this regard, the ruins of calcium, such as oil or nutrients other than whey protein isolate, whey do not interfere with the production of mold on the filter. In contrast, whey protein concentrate is used in the larger holes in the filters is a very small amount fat, milk sugar lactose and whey proteins, the transition is kalsiyum’dan.

Mechanisms of action of whey protein the cells surrounding the substance to increase glutathione levels is called. Glutathione, the cells covering the area around them makes them more durable and more resistant to external factors. In other words, a substance that protects the cell. Whey proteins, especially in terms of men’s health has gained importance recently. After the age of forties, each consisting of an enlarged prostate in men or less of whey proteins is under control. Whey proteins accumulate in the prostate epithelial cells and gives them the strength and expended by the effect of glutathione antioxidant substance against prostate cancer provides an extremely serious protection. carcinogenic substance, enlarged prostate, glutathione levels, tumor formation, whey protein concentrate

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