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The best per statistics of the first Copa America round

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Find out who took the most shots on goal, who was dribbling the most or who was defending the hardest hit among other numbers of these first six games.

The first round of the Copa America ended on Monday with the unprecedented Chile's victory over Mexico in the Copa history, 2-1. The meeting, until now is the one with more goals, and left the Chileans as leaders of Group C of Copa America.

Therefore, just the two CONCACAF representatives invited to the Copa America were defeated (Costa Rica fell to Colombia on Saturday in Jujuy, 1-0).

In six games, there were some individual and collective statistical data. In relation to the possession of the ball in these six matches, who had greater command was Brazil. Anyway, did not serve to defeat Venezuela. Yesterday's duel between Uruguay and Peru was more even. Following the details:

Brazil (68%) x Venezuela (32%)

Colombia (67%) x Costa Rica (33%)

Argentina (65%) x Bolivia (35%)

Chile (61%) x Mexico (39%)

Paraguay (54%) x Ecuador (46%)

Uruguay (51%) x Peru (49%)

In relation to the shots on goal, Colombia is the team that kicked more times on goal, with 28 shots. Argentina and Chile, with 19 shots, are second, followed by Brazil (15), Paraguay (15) and Peru (13), Uruguay (11), Ecuador (10), Bolivia (8), Mexico (6), Costa Rica (5) and Venezuela (3).

Among the players who kicked to the goal, Colombia also ranks above. Adrian Ramos, who scored the winner against Costa Rica, materialized 8 shots. His teammate Freddy Guarin escorts him with 7 shots. Other players are Paolo Guerrero of Peru, 6; Forlan (Uruguay, 5), Falcao García (Colombia, 5), followed by Agüero (Argentina), Robinho (Brazil) and Vidal (Chile), all with 4 shots.

In dribbling, the player who most used this application was Neymar, Brazil, with 25. Another Brazilian, Robinho, did 19 dribbles. Lionel Messi dribbled 8 times against Bolivia.

On defense, the best were Cesar Gonzalez of Venezuela and Bolivia's Ronald Raldes, who stole 12 balls each. Mascherano (Argentina) and Walter Ayovi (Ecuador) also did well, taking back 9 times each.

Among the goalkeepers, stands Leonel Moreira, Costa Rica, which avoided most lopsided defeat to Colombia, taking 10 balls to score. Arias, Bolivia, also worked for his country against Argentina in their opening with 7 saves. Marcelo Elizaga, was voted LG player of the match between his team, Ecuador, and Paraguay, had 5 dangerous balls saved.

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