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Bloemfontein World Cup 2010 Stadium

Monday, May 10, 2010

In advance of 2010, a second tier will be added to the main grandstand of the Free State Stadium on the western side of the ground, increasing the net capacity beyond the 40,000-mark required for venues to stage first and second round matches.

Additionally, new turnstiles will be erected, the floodlights will be upgraded, electronic scoreboards will be installed and the sound system will be revamped to the required standards.

Group matches to be played in Bloemfontein

  • 14th June - 4.00pm: Japan v Cameroon
  • 17th June - 4.00pm: Greece v Nigeria
  • 20th June - 1.30pm: Slovakia v Paraguay
  • 22th June - 4.00pm: France v South Africa
  • 25th June - 8.30pm: Switzerland v Honduras

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