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Best in Show: Intel Core i5 Processor LAPTOP's Best of CES 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

his year's CES was dominated by products featuring the new 2010 Intel Core Processor family. The most outstanding member of this family by far is the Core i5, which brings high-end peformance to mainstream notebooks. We had a chance to review our first Core i5 notebook this week, and we were very impressed by the chip's ability to multitask and perform everyday chores at higher speeds than its Core 2 Duo predecessors. In addition to using Intel's 32-nanometer Nehalem architecture, Core i5 chips contain several innovative features. Hyper-threading allows the processor's two physical cores to run two threads each, dramatically improving the performance of multithreaded apps such as video editors, photo processors, spreadsheets, and high-end games. Turbo Boost allows Core i5 to increase its own clock speed, effectively overclocking itself to speed up processor-intensive tasks. And, for the first time, Intel's graphics chip and memory controller have been integrated into the processor, allowing for better power management, smaller systems, and the ability to amp up the graphics speed as needed. (
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