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The 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??
No, I'm not referring to the Dallas Cowboys nor the NFL. I'm talking about REAL football, also known as soccer to us Americans.
It only comes around once every 4 years, and this is the year for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa! The World Cup is watched by over 26 BILLION viewers worldwide, and the final game with the coveted gold trophy is watched by over 700 million spectators alone. The opening concert is June 10, 2010, opening matches begin on June 11th with the World Cup Final game on July 11, 2010. South Africa is the host country for 2010, and the matches are being played in 10 venues in 9 host locations throughout the country. The opening and closing ceremonies will be hosted at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.
There will be two matches on the opening day. In Johannesburg, South Africa will play Mexico. In Cape Town, Uruguay will play France. One of the "must see" matches is on 12-June when Team USA plays England in Rustenburg. Italy will play their first game in Cape Town on 14-June against Paraguay, and Brazil will play their first game in Johannesburg on 15-June against Korea.
I have personally attended a World Cup match (Brazil v Holland), and I can attest that I've not attended any other sporting event that comes close to the excitement and adrenaline rush that comes with attending one or more of these matches. In my opinion, attending a World Cup match is a "must do", if only once, in one's lifetime! You will never experience another event like it!
So put on your favorite team's jersey, proudly wave your flag, and get prepared for the ultimate football season. Here's a link to give you some information, history, and ticket info for this year's greatest soccer's time to get ready for some football!
FIFA World Cup
I will admit that I am not the biggest sports fanatic on the planet, nor even in my own household for that matter. But I do enjoy the game of soccer, and the FIFA matches are not like any other sporting event that I've attended. If you get the opportunity, go to at least one FIFA World Cup game in your lifetime - you will not regret it!

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