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World Cup 2010 - My Predictions! By Tony Cook

Saturday, March 27, 2010

this article from ezine with writer is Tony Cook
" World Cup 2010 - My Predictions "

Now Don't get angry...this is just for fun! But please feel free to leave your comments!
Before we start...I am English and will be supporting England in the 2010 World Cup. i just don't think we are good enough to get past the 2nd Round! I hope we do..but things are not looking good in the England camp. we qualified a weak group..but to be honest..Rooney aside..i don't see any genuine World Class players in our squad...time will tell.
Here we go then...enjoy!
My World Cup Prediction Planner
Every 4 years the greatest soccer tournament on Earth saturates the summer months of June and July and this year it will possibly be the most colourful and greatest World Cup in memory.
The continent of Africa hosts this fabulous tournament for the first time and South Africa are the hosts of this truly mouth watering spectacle.
All the big guns are at the tournament and it promises to be a sensational 4 weeks of non stop soccer.
I have decided to put together my predictions for the tournament and hope they help you in some way towards enjoying the games.
So off we go!
Group A- Mexico South Africa Uruguay France.
Big shocks in this group as Mexico win the group with South Africa as runners up. France are too old and just not clicking as a team. Uruguay have no strength in depth. Mexico are fresh and a young team..with plenty of talent. They could do well in this World Cup.
Group B-Argentina Nigeria South Korea Greece
Physically a tough group...Argentina to win this one..Nigeria will be runners up. I think the Korean's will struggle and the Greeks have shown little form in the last 4 years.
Group C- England USA Algeria Slovenia
England have to win this group, USA are a good team and will play to their strengths. The others have little in the way of causing these two many problems.
Group D- Germany Ghana Australia Serbia.
Another tough group. Germany should have the goods to win this group though. Ghana will be in good form as well. Australia could be a surprise. But i will say Germany & Ghana in that order.
Group E - Netherlands Cameroon Denmark Japan.
The Dutch are are a very strong team and will have huge support in SA. Cameroon again a colourful team will many good players..and with Samuel Eto up front anything is possible. The Danes and Japan won't get anything out of these two.
Group F- Italy Paraguay New Zealand Slovakia
Italy all the way..they should pick up 7 points at least in this group..and Paraguay will be with them as well.
Group G- Brazil Ivory Coast Portugal North Korea
Brazil and Ivory Coast will give us a great match...Portugal are all over the place with only Ronaldo to look to. North Korea will get the wooden spoon in this group. I feel Brazil & Ivory Coast will both beat Portugal comfortably as well.
Group E- Spain Chile Honduras Switzerland.
Spain should get maximum points here..with Chile making the second place. Possibly the easiest group Spain could have wished for.
And so on to round 2!
Game 1
Mexico v Nigeria MEXICO TO WIN technically superb..young attacking team will win this in 90mins.
Game 3
England v Ghana GHANA TO WIN I think the Ghanaians will want this too much to let it slip. Extra time will be close though.
Game 4
Germany v USA GERMANY TO WIN Once Germany start to hit their stride..they take some stopping. USA just won't be strong enough. 90 minutes.
Game 2
Argentina v South Africa ARGENTINA TO WIN playing the home nation is never easy. But Argentina have Lionel Messi...and South Africa don't! 90 minutes.
Game 5
Holland v Paraguay HOLLAND TO WIN. The Dutch won't even break a sweat in this one. Easy win for them. 90 minutes.
Game 6
Italy v Cameroon ITALY TO WIN. Italy are always slow starters, but should have way too much for the Africans this time. 90 minutes.
Game 7
Brazil v Chile BRAZIL TO WIN. There is just no way Chile will be able to live with Brazil. 90 minutes.
Game 8
Spain v Ivory Coast SPAIN TO WIN EXTRA TIME. This match will be sensational..a true classic.But put your money on Spain..they are just too good!
Quarter Finals
Mexico v Ghana MEXICO TO WIN. These fellas are technically too good for Ghana and they win in 90 minutes.
Holland v Brazil HOLLAND TO WIN IN EXTRA TIME. Again a classic..but the Dutch will have the edge and defence for this game.
Argentina v Germany ARGENTINA TO WIN IN 90 MINS. The Argies will have too much class for the Germans...and Lionel Messi!
Italy v Spain. SPAIN WILL WIN THIS IN EXTRA TIME. These games are always close. But the World Champions will run out of steam against the Spanish.
MEXICO V HOLLAND...Going for the Orange on this one. Holland will be feeling like the World Cup is in Amsterdam. They will win a close encounter!
ARGENTINA V SPAIN...Amazing players adorn the pitch..but Spain will triumph. Argentina have great players..but Spain play great!
SPAIN V HOLLAND...a superb match played in great spirit..and Spain will just edge the Dutch in a classic final. IT'S SAD FOR FOR THE DUTCH..THEIR THIRD FINAL..BUT STILL NO TROPHY...but you never know in Football.!
As I say...these are just my rumblings..let me know what you think below!
World Champions 2010 SPAIN!!
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