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The idea for the 'Win in Africa with Africa' project first emerged on 15 May 2004, when members of FIFA's executive committee chose South Africa as hosts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup ™. Sensing a duty to assist the African continent above and beyond the realm of sport, world football's governing body resolved to go further. Thus 'Win in Africa with Africa' was officially unveiled on 7 July 2006, boasting a budget of 70 million dollars.
In essence, 'Win in Africa with Africa' is not about sending aid to Africa so much as providing the continent with the tools to progress and the skills with which it can continue its own development.
The initiative has the backing of the United Nations, for whom then Secretary General Kofi Annan signed the original document on 7 July 2006, and the European Union, which came on board on 9 July 2006.
Similar wide-ranging initiatives based on the same model have been planned for other regions of the world, with 'Win in Oceania with Oceania' and 'Win in India with India' soon to go ahead.
The project consists of three major FIFA undertakings:
  • Developing the game
  • Touch the world
  • Build a better future