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FIFA 10 Breaks Sales Records selling videogame in the world

Friday, December 4, 2009

FIFA 10 Breaks Sales Records selling videogame in the world 

Electronic Arts, a developer that does not have a lot of good news to share lately, has said that FIFA 10, the football title released two months ago, has reached 4.5 millions sold worldwide, representing 26% more than it managed to move in the same period of last year. FIFA 10 has already been confirmed as being the fastest selling videogame in the world, with Electronic Arts saying that 1.7 million copies of the game were sold in the first week during which the game was available in Europe.

FIFA 10 has also set some records online, with an average of 3 million matches every day and with a total of more than 113 million since the release date.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is set to arrive early during February 2010 and will be delivered via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, costing 400 Microsoft Points, and via the PlayStation Network, with a price tag of 4.99 dollars.

The new mode has been developed by EA Canada and will allow players to create a customized team, trade the biggest stars and play a more streamlined version of FIFA 10 with their friends online. One of the big changes will be a chemistry system that will show how different players are getting along and cooperate on the pitch.

Paul Hossack, who is a producer working on the football simulation, stated that “FIFA 10 Ultimate Team adds a lot more authenticity to a unique game that will update with new challenges and content over time. We now have over 7,000 players from 27 leagues available, from which gamers will craft one or multiple squads to show their mastery of the revamped, more realistic chemistry system, and compete in tournaments with exciting requirements and rewards. On top of that, we’ll release new tournaments and other updates regularly to keep the experience fresh and exciting.”

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