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Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Center or centre (from the Greek κέντρον /kentron/) (see American and British English spelling differences) may refer to:
[edit] Science

    * Center (algebra), uses of "center" in algebra
    * Center of gravity (military)
    * Center (group theory), in abstract algebra, the subgroup consisting of those elements which commute with all other elements
    * Center of mass
    * Center of symmetry, in geometry, a point that is well-distant from the boundary of a figure
    * Geometric center
    * Centre (geometry), the middle of an object
    * Graph center, the vertices in a graph that minimize the maximal distance from all other vertices

[edit] Sports

    * Center (American football), a position in American and Canadian football
    * Center (Australian Rules Football), a position in AFL
    * Centre Back, a position in Association football
    * Center (basketball), a position in basketball
    * Centre forward (also known as Striker), a position in Association football and Water Polo
    * Centre (ice hockey), a position in ice hockey
    * Centre (rugby league), a position in rugby league
    * Centre (rugby union), a position in rugby union
    * Center fielder, often called "center", a position in baseball

[edit] Places

    Note that spelling differences for toponyms are not acceptable in both American and British usages, unless the place name is translated from a language not written with the Latin alphabet, or there is an unambiguous local usage pronounced very differently between American English and British English.

Place names spelled Center

    * Center, Celje, Slovenia, a neighbourhood
    * Center, Maribor, Slovenia, a district
    * Center, Colorado, United States, a city
    * Center, Indiana, United States, a town
    * Center, Jay County, Indiana, United States
    * Center, Kentucky, United States, a town
    * Center, Missouri, United States, a city
    * Center, Nebraska, United States, a city
    * Center, North Dakota, United States, a city
    * Center, Outagamie County, Wisconsin, United States, a town
    * Center, Portland, Oregon, United States, a neighborhood
    * Center, Rock County, Wisconsin, United States, a town
    * Center, Texas, United States, a city
    * Center, Washington

Place names spelled Centre

    * Centre, Alabama, United States, a city
    * Centre (region), an administrative region in France
    * Centre, Haiti, an administrative region
    * Centre Region, Cameroon
    * Centre Region, Burkina Faso

[edit] Arts

    * Tonic (music), in tonal music, the central or most important pitch
    * Center (music band), a famous Russian-speaking band

[edit] Education

    * Centre College, a liberal arts college in Danville, Kentucky, United States

[edit] Other

    * Area Control Center, an Air Traffic Control facility covering a large region of airspace not associated with a particular airport
    * The Center, a paranormal organization in the Martin Mystery series
    * Centers (Fourth Way), a human biological, psychological and spiritual nexus of energy process, equivalent to the concept of a Chakra
    * Lathe center, used in machining operations
    * Centrism, the middle ground between the left wing and the right wing
    * Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, a New York City non-profit organization commonly known as the Center

[edit] See also

    * Center Township (disambiguation)
    * Central (disambiguation)
    * Centre Party (disambiguation)
    * The Centre (disambiguation)

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