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White Wedding Flowers

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

White Wedding Flowers
By Laura Firenze 
Platinum Quality Author
What could be more timeless than the image of a bride gliding down the aisle clutching a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers? It is one of the enduring images of weddings throughout the ages, and while styles may come and go, white wedding flowers will always be a favorite. Here is a guide to some of the most lovely white wedding flowers for brides.
Certainly there is no wedding flower more popular than the white rose. They are available all year round, in several shapes and sizes, and are just the epitome of bridal elegance. Fluffy white garden roses are magnificent flowing over the edges of tall garden urns at the reception or on the altar. A classic round white rose nosegay is a lovely accent for brides who love traditional white silk bridal gowns worn with sets of pearl bridal jewelry. And sprays of miniature roses are a wonderful addition to bouquets featuring larger blossoms.
Orchids are another favorite bridal flower. These exotic beauties are the height of elegance and sophisticated style. Delicate in appearance, orchids are actually very hardy flowers, making them as versatile as they are stunning. Try a soft and fluttery bouquet of butterfly orchids mixed with ruffly sweetpeas, or go for all out drama with a massive waterfall bouquet of impressive phalaenopsis orchids. Orchids are also extremely popular for submerged flower centerpieces.
If clean and classic is your taste, you will adore a bouquet of white tulips. A large bunch of white tulips handtied with a wide satin ribbon is as simple as a bouquet can get, yet it is also incredibly beautiful. For centerpieces, place large bunches of white tulips in blue and white Chinoiserie patterned vases. They are the perfect addition to a spring time wedding, and will look as good in your wedding photos twenty years from now as they do in person.
When large showy blooms are your thing, look into white lilies for your wedding. These flowers are quite large, which means that a small number of lilies can make a big impact. They are wonderful for tropical theme weddings, and work very well to add dimension and flair to all white centerpieces featuring mixed flowers. There are a couple of things that one should know when considering white lilies for wedding flowers. Certain varieties have a very strong fragrance that can be overpowering, so be sure to discuss the scent of the flowers that interest you with your florist. Lilies also have stamen with an orange pollen that can get all over everything; a good florist will always strip this part out of the flower before crafting lilies into arrangements, but it is wise to give the florist explicit instructions about it just to be safe.
There are numerous other white flowers that are wonderful for weddings. Preppy brides will find that bunches of hydrangeas are the perfect accent to their classic white gowns and pearl bridal jewelry sets. Spring brides will adore the old fashioned charm of tiny lily-of-the-valley flowers. And then there are white ranunculus, lisianthius, gardenias, daisies, and much much more. Whatever your style, you will be able to find a white flower that is the perfect decoration for your wedding.
Laura helps brides with their wedding plans by offering advice on selecting bridesmaids gifts,reception ideas and other aspects of planning a wedding. Sets of pearl bridal jewelry are beautiful with any style of wedding gown.
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Platinum Quality Author

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