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Patio Conversation Sets Vs Traditional Patio Tables and Chairs Sets By John Berteloot

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Patio Conversation Sets Vs Traditional Patio Tables and Chairs Sets
By John Berteloot

With so many choices for patio furniture these days which direction should you go? Patio furniture conversation sets have the wow factor that most crave but patio table and chair sets seem to have more functionality. Obviously there are benefits to both.

First you must determine your priorities and budget. Think too about who will be using the pieces you purchase. Will it be exclusively adults? Will there be young children or even babies? Little grandkids occasionally coming over may mean you can go one way. Little children being baby sat every week day while their parents are at work may mean you want to go another way. Once you identify who is going to use the patio furniture then you can plan for what will fit your needs.

With a patio furniture conversation set you can achieve a look that you simply cannot obtain with a plain ol' patio table and chair set. With the patio conversation set you have space for sitting, and usually a "patio coffee table" or "end table". The look of those sets is more chic and modern usually. This would be good for adults and young people who know how to keep food on their plates and in their mouths. Kids prone to spilling or needing a hard surface to eat on won't like the "eat on your lap with your drink away on a near by coffee table" conversation set. Typically you can seat or entertain more people with a patio furniture conversation set than with a table and chair set but the cost is higher.

The patio furniture table and chair set is also a good way to go. While you won't get the wow factor of the patio furniture conversation set you will get the functionality that most are accustomed to. Sometimes this is also a cheaper alternative. All in the family even little ones will feel comfortable sitting around and eating at the table and sitting in the chairs. A table and chair set is just as useful for having a chat as the conversation set but will not allow you to entertain as many at the table.

Second you need to consider your space. Will your patio or garden area allow you to have both or one or the other? After weighting these factors and considering your climate, make your choice. Remember there are many products and covers that will protect your investment from the weather and UV light. So don't worry about the patio furniture getting ruined. With the right care it will be just fine.

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