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Garden Statues By Nancy Gluch

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Garden Statues
By Nancy Gluch

Are you looking to enhance the beauty and interest of your garden or yard? Or is your yard or garden looking boring and uninteresting. The use of garden statues is an excellent way to solve these problems. By using statues you can define areas or set the mood for your garden.

You can use statues to show what interests you such as children or animals. Or you can use these statues to set the mood for the area such as classical or whimsical. Statues can also double as bird feeders, lighting, wind chimes and more

Garden statues can be used as focal points in the garden. A bed of flowers can instantly draw the eye with a well placed statue. When winter comes statues can be be focal points inyour yard or garden. Be sure to place them where they can be viewed from indoors.

Another use for statues is to draw you further in to explore the garden. A glimpse of an interesting statue can invite you down a path to see what else is there.

In formal gardens with hedge edgings garden statues of classical gods and goddesses are appealing uses. In a whimsical garden you might use fairy statues.

If you are interested in a jungle or safari theme, garden statues of lions, giraffes and other animals can be placed amid grasses and small trees. Having the statues partially hidden invites the visitor to truly look at your garden to find the hidden animal statue. Many of the new grasses that are available lend themselves well to a safari theme.

People interested in the mystical might try a garden with statues of wizards and dragons. Creeping plants work well here or build a "cave" of vines for your statue to inhabit. Dragons can also be used around ponds for an unexpected twist.

If you are interested in a garden to amuse you, statues of gnomes might be the way to go. Garden statues of gnomes can be used in almost any type of garden. The statues of these ancient creatures can be amusing, whimsical or droll.

Garden statues can also be used to define an entrance. Whether the entrance to your driveway, patio or front porch, statues can be used to mark the entrance and guide people in. In large subdivisions, the use of statues at the end of a driveway is a good locator when giving directions.

Another use of garden statues is to enhance an architectural detail of your house or business. An appropriately placed statue can draw emphasis to the feature. A statue can also be used to further define the character of the house or business. Lastly garden statues can be used to hid flaws or unattractive features,

Outside of the garden, statues can be used in the yard to break up an expanse of green grass. On the patio statues can be used to enhance the over all decor. Some garden statues also double as light at night.

As you can see garden statues have many uses and numerous possibilities in your yard and garden. So get started and bring a few statues home.

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