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sony 2011 news release

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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VAIO™ Notebook & Computer sony 2011, new release sony 2011
Cyber-shot™ Digital Camera
Handycam sony 2011 new type ® Camcorder

Bravia™ lcd tv
Downloads sony driver 2011
A-mount DSLR Camera
Walkman sony type new ® Digital Media Players

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VAIO Software

VAIO comes preinstalled with a variety of software that broaden your horizon.
Video and Photo
click to disc Click to Disc
Burn your own high-quality movie discs. Movie Story VAIO Movie Story
Create your original video in simple three steps. PMB (Picture Motion Browser)
Organises pictures and movies automatically. WebCam Companion WebCam Companion + Magic-i™ Visual Effects
Enjoy movie shooting and video chats with frames.
Adobe Premiere Elements Adobe® Premiere® Elements
Create professional-feel video. Adobe Photoshop Elements Adobe® Photoshop® Elements
Create and edit your digital images.
VAIO Music Box VAIO Music Box
Play music matching your mood. DSD Direct Player DSD Direct Player
Enjoy high-quality sound playback. Sonic Stage Mastering Studio SonicStage Mastering Studio
Import, edit, and write your own high-quality CDs. Sonic Stage Mastering Studio Audio Filter SonicStage Mastering Studio Audio Filter
Enjoy high-performance audio effector modules.
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