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Liga Primer Indonesia

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Liga Primer Indonesia

LPI is the first step towards professionalism and independence of Indonesian football,” said Arifin Panigoro, Chaiman LPI. “Our work does not stop here. The next step is to reform the organization of football, to develop sports science institute, and develop young talent through a tiered competition.”
Related LPI status remains the pros and cons for some people, LPI asserts that affiliation with the football authorities of Indonesia, in this case the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) still necessary. Meanwhile, the device matches, coaches and players who will perform tasks and engage in season LPI has received guarantees through long-term employment contracts.
LPI season will implement full competition system (double round robin), which each club will play home and away. Four matches will be held on every weekend and one game on Monday night. Regarding the match broadcast rights directly and delay, LPI is still selecting the most appropriate television stations, given the magnitude of the challenge to the selected television stations in thebroadcasting game.
19 Participants of Liga Primer Indonesia :
1. Aceh United
Coach : Lionel Charbonnier (Perancis)
Stadium : Harapan Bangsa, Banda Aceh (kapasitas 40.000)
Football in Banda Aceh returns to live with the presence of Aceh United as one participant Liga Primer Indonesia. Banda Aceh has great potential because a lot of available talent pool of young players and football fans are active. Aceh United will accommodate the talents of young players Banda Aceh to excel and provide entertaining spectacle for the fans.
2. Bali De Vata
Coach : Willy Scheepers (Belanda)
Stadium : Kapten i Wayan Dipta, Gianyar (kapasitas 25.000)
Bali recorded once had teams that played in the national football stage, as in the era of Liga Sepakbola Utama (Galatama) 1980s and the Liga Divisi Utama in the 2000s. Now the Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI) was determined to bring the spirit of Bali in the national football revolution through the club’s Bali resort.
3. Bandung FC
Coach : Nandar Iskandar
Stadium : Siliwangi, Bandung (kapasitas 25.000)
Bandung always have the clubs that excel in the national football scene. After Persib and Maung Bandung Raya, Now Bandung FC is emerged as a new football club in Bandung which will increasingly it. The strength of this young club directly visible in the Pre-Season Match competition and have great hope in the Liga Primer Indonesia arena.
4. Batavia Union
Coach : Roberto Bianchi (Brasil)
Stadium : Tugu, Jakarta (Kapasitas 20.000)
Representing the city of Jakarta, Batavia Union is a new club with the matter of players that are reliable and experienced cultivate the national league. Although new, this club has a base of loyal and enthusiastic fans. This club is one club that shine at Pre-Season Matches Competition LPI.
5. Bogor Raya
Coach : John Arwandy
Stadium : Persikabo, Bogor (kapasitas 15.000) dan Pajajaran, Bogor (kapasitas 12.000)
The club is known as Laskar Kujang and contains creative and energetic young management. The club also made a surprise by bringing in former River Plate player, Diego Bogado, rgentine winger was 24 years old. Bogor Raya optimistic can change the Indonesia football through the spirit of the younger generation.
6. Cendrawasih Papua
Coach : Uwe Erkebrecher (Jerman)
Stadium : Mandala, Jayapura (kapasitas 30.000)
Cendrawasih FC Birth from Kontiki FC, who are partners of the former Persipura players joined in the Association of Former Players Persipura (AMPP). Papua was known as a field young talent Indonesian football player and consistently gave birth to star players.
7. Jakarta 1928
Coach : Bambang Nurdiansyah
Stadium : Lebak Bulus (Kapasitas 25.000)
Jakarta 1928 is one of a unique club in the Liga Primer Indonesia. This club brings the spirit of change that brought Voetbalbond Indonesish Jakarta (Vij), one of football clubs that are part of the struggle in the colonial period. This same spirit dwells in the club Persija Jakarta.
8. Kabau Padang
Coach : Divaldo Alves (Portugal)
Stadium : Agus Salim, Padang (kapasitas 28.000)
Padang Kabau  born of independence inspiration that has been built by independent football club Cement Padang. Through the preparation that tends to closed, Kabau Padang will present a buzz in the arena league Indonesia.
9. Ksatria XI Solo
Coach : Branko Babic (Serbia)
Stadium : Manahan, Solo (kapasitas 24.000)

Solo City has a long and proud history in Indonesia football. The club had won Galatama as many as 8 times. But lately, the name of Solo as if drowned in the national football stage and Central Java. Now, Solo FC ready to bring back victorious on the national stage through the Liga Primer Indonesia.

10. Makassar City

Coach : Michael Feichtenbeiner (Jerman)
Stadium : Andi Mattalata, Makassar (kapasitas 20.000)

PSM desire to compete in the Liga Primer Indonesia is realized through the club Makassar City. Known for its high public interest towards football, the city of Makassar, a strategic place to build a better Indonesia football.

11. Manado United

Coach : Muhammad Al Hadad
Stadium : Klabat, Manado (kapasitas 20.000)

Manado United is a football club that has long stood in Manado. People in Manado itself is very look forward to welcoming and always support the football club that can excel from its territory. Focus Manado United is developing local players. Reinforced by former Persma players as well as the presence of marquee player Amaral, Manado United are ready to perform on the Liga Primer Indonesia season on January 8, 2011.

12. Medan Bintang

Coach : Rene Van Eck (Belanda)
Stadium : Teladan, Medan (kapasitas 20.000)

Football is a sport that is loved by the people of Medan, where a number of football clubs chance at achievement in national and international arena. Medan is the star, the new club which has the support of elements which lift and raise the achievement of ambitious city of Medan.

13. Medan Chiefs

Coach : Jorg Steinebruner (Jerman)
Stadium : Teladan, Medan (kapasitas 20.000)

Medan Chiefs was born from the club spirit of Pro Titan football, which is already no longer rely on budget. Pro Titan has long time in the national football arena as an independent club. Fighting spirit of the football club will be developed through Medan Medan Chiefs.

14. Persebaya

Coach : Aji Santoso
Stadium : Gelora 10 Nopember, Tambaksari, Surabaya (kapasitas 35.000)

Persebaya has a long history in Indonesia national football. This club was brilliant achievement when the clubs United and Galatama united in Liga Indonesia (1994) and won championships in 1997 and 2005. Now, Persebaya turn a new page for the achievement in the Liga Primer Indonesia.

15. Persema

Coach : Timo Scheuneman (Jerman)
Stadium : Gajayana, Malang (kapasitas 30.000)

Persema has vision to promote Indonesia football. Because the vision, Persema choose to join the Liga Primer Indonesia. Currently Persema has had a very tough team and have a great chance in the Liga Primer Indonesia.

16. Persibo

Coach : Sartono Anwar
Stadium : Letjen Haji Sudirman, Bojonegoro (kapasitas 15.000)

Tim “Laskar Angling Dharma” stood on March 12, 1949 and is a champion of the Divisi Utama 2009-1010 season. With these achievements, the club is ready to create the new history sheet in the Liga Primer Indonesia.

17. Real Mataram

Coach : Jose Basualdo (Argentina)
Stadium : Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta (kapasitas 30.000)

Passion Yogyakarta football club again shines with the presence of Royal Mataram. Name Royal Mataram will represent the spirit and power of Mataram Kingdom which had great support from the people of Yogyakarta. Armed with experienced players, this club is one of the strongest by bagging two wins.

18. Semarang United

Coach : Edy Paryono
Stadium : Jatidiri, Semarang (kapasitas 25.000)

Club based in Semarang, Central Java, was prepared specifically for Liga Primer Indonesia. The club was initiated by a novel Al-Bakrie was received support from the football community of Semarang. Together with marquee player Amancio Fortes, Semarang United will be one of the most respected clubs in the Liga Primer Indonesia.

19. Tangerang Wolves

Coach : Paulo Camargo (Brasil)
Stadium : Benteng (kapasitas 25.000)

The spirit of football supporters in Tangerang is not be doubted. The presence of TangerangC United in the industrial city is expected to improve stretching and spirit of local football. Led by a coach who would observant young talents, the club is sure to get its own place in the hearts of lovers of Indonesian football.

Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI) System :

Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI) is also triggered to stop the club habit of using the Regional Budget (APBD).

So far, the club relies heavily on budget (APBD), which is public money. If The club is unable for running budget, they can not do anything like that experienced Persitara Jakarta recently.

“Liga Primer Indonesia is able to save state funds amounting to Rp 600 billion each year,” said Chairman of Persebaya Saleh Ismail Mukadar who were present.

To free the club from the budget, organizers LPI helps start-up capital which the amount varies for each club, depending on individual needs.

Organizer of LPI will audit the club’s finances in periodicals by the public auditor to ensure the capital is not distorted by the club manager,

“We’d love to change in Indonesian football. It’s not a day longer clubs scared. We were involved in the row ahead of major changes through a new independent league. We believe LPI can be better and profitable club members,” said one of the core board PSM Makassar, Noor Korompot.

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