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Promotional Clothing - Unique Mobile Advertising

Saturday, May 21, 2011

By Chris R Stevenson
The usual advertising standbys still work though, and the more adventurous businesses may use a care to drive around town with an ad plastered on the side. Using promotional clothing can get your business name out there while also creating a bit of a buzz surrounding your products-especially if your products are the clothing themselves.
It goes without saying that word of mouth is a very strong form of advertising. Referrals from other people bring foot traffic through the door like nothing else, and if friends tell their friends, the number of customers could increase dramatically. Promotional clothing is your built-in "hook." The design of the promotional t shirt is important. Hopefully your logo is attractive enough to catch someone's eye. Colour is also a key. While a simple t-shirt isn't indicative of the products you actually sell at your business, promotional clothing acts as both a moving billboard and word of mouth all wrapped up in one. In fact, think of a person wearing one of your promotional t shirts as a talking billboard, a human advertisement, if you will. If they enjoy shopping at your business, they'll be far more willing to wear a t shirt promoting it. Rhinestone transfers are a fabulous way of 'blinging up' apparel such as t shirts, jackets, caps and even wine coolers! Rhinestones transfers can be custom made for children's names, birthdays, bride and hen's nights, sporting groups, promotional products, business logos... the list is almost endless.
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