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Take A Closer Look At the Latest BlackBerry Bold 9780

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take A Closer Look At the Latest BlackBerry Bold 9780

By Thomas Whittle

There is a modern saying that once a BlackBerry user, always a BlackBerry user. The new BlackBerry Bold 9780 is certainly a phone that stresses the point to the core. Of course, there are many BlackBerry phones out there and also many business phones out there, but none can come close to the BlackBerry Bold 9780 for its incredible features and amazing price. Such unbeatable combination has resulted in the Bold 9780 being one of the most desired BlackBerry phones. This latest avatar is set to replace the BlackBerry Bold 9700, which is ageing now.

The new phone has all the BlackBerry features that are standard. Hence, it does not disappoint the regular BlackBerry user. It will need this display because it uses the latest BlackBerry OS 6, which packs in a number of new features including the likes of a new browser.Blackberry Bold Sale

It is now 512 MB to the 256 MB of RAM previously. This vast increase in the RAM has led to the phone being more user-friendly. The camera is another feature that gets a delightful improvement. Usually BlackBerry phones are well-equipped when it comes to connectivity and the BlackBerry Bold 9780 certainly does not disappoint. Black and white to colour options that this phone will be available with and it should offer much needed personalisation for BlackBerry users. Research in Motion has decided to go with a 1500 mAh battery with this phone. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is on sale in the United Kingdom. You can find a number of deals on the Internet for this phone.

You can discover one of the best mobile offers for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on T-Mobile and phone offers from web sites like Best Mobile Contracts.Blackberry Bold Sale

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