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HP Plans to Release a Tablet Running on WebOS By Dan Sparrow

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Since the new market of touch screen tables has taken shape, the HP company have always wanted to be one of the top players providing quality products that people would love and buy. However things did not go according to plan and even though they have a promising start with their Slate tablet, they ended up losing the race in front of the wildly popular Apple iPad.

At the beginning of this year HP's Slate tablet was tipped to be one of the strongest competitors for the yet unreleased iPad. But a shot while after the official launch, the Slate did not manage to become popular among users, on the contrary, it started to get negative reviews. The main thing that consumers objected to was the relative slow speed of the tablet and that was mostly due to the operating system which at that time was Windows 7. Shortly after the release and the commercial flop of the Slate, it was taken out of production by HP.

This might have looked like HP had given up on the tablets market and decided to focus on other markets where they already were influential. But this is not the case as HP recently have bought the Palm company for $1.2 billion and as a consequence they obtained all the rights for Palm's very successful operating system WebOS. This is a very important asset for HP, as WebOS was primarily made for smartphones and tablets and has proven to be successful in a long series of different Palm gadgets.

After taking over the Palm company, HP have publicly stated that they plan to release a series of smartphones and tablets. Most probably, all of these future gadgets will employ the use of WebOS as operating system. So HP will definitely attack the tablet market once again but it remains to be seen if they will resurrect the previously unsuccessful Slate or if they will make a new product altogether. It has also been rumored that by the end of this year they'll launch a new tables called the Hurricane, which at least according to it's name, promises to take the tablet market by storm.
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