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HP Envy 17 Review - See This Laptop's Great Features By Nadav Snir

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HP has introduced HP Envy 17 and HP Envy 14 almost simultaneously. These two laptops have features that are revolutionary in the laptop market and the Envy 17 could be the laptop to beat.

For people who are fond of big screens, the Envy 17 would be ideal. The screen is 17" and the laptop is packed with a host of powerful features. For starters, the laptop's configurations use HP's core i3 and i5 processors. In addition, this laptop has a DVD burner and an HDMI port and allows for the expansion of RAM up to 8GB.

For a computer with such a powerful processor, the ability to keep it sufficiently cooled can present quite a challenge as experiences with the HP Envy 15 have shown. One of the major complaints about Envy 15 was the amount of heat it generated and HP has addressed this problem in the manufacture of HP Envy 17. To address the issue of excess heat, HP has added vents on the battery slice in addition to repositioning some of the components.

HP Envy 17 is not only a powerful laptop but one that is also very cool looking. Covered in Aluminum, with a glass screen and a backlit keyboard, this laptop looks extremely elegant. For this laptop also, the mouse buttons are integrated into the touchpad. The size might discourage you from carrying it around - smaller laptops are the preference of the majority, and for this reason most people buying this laptop would be doing so to replace their desktops.

Because of its many advanced features and the attention to detail that has been observed in making this product, the Envy 17 is available at a premium price. However, it is possible to purchase the laptop at a discount. By obtaining HP Envy 17 discount coupons, the savings you could make on the purchase price can be quite substantial. Moreover, reading reviews on this product will help you make an informed decision on what to expect from your laptop.

When you buy HP Envy 17, you will benefit from the manufacturer's one-year limited warranty on hardware. Since the company also provides support via email and live chat 24/7, purchasers of their products know they are not alone should the machine develop complications. Moreover, HP has an in-house service through which it sends staff to attend to clients who need repairs or for trouble shooting in the clients' homes.
As you saw in this HP Envy 17 review, the many advanced features of this laptop make it good value for money.

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