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Cheap International Calling Card For World Cup 2010 By Jason Daniels

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The World Cup is very close. This is a very special time in many people's lives and cheap phone calls are very important. VoIP Services are launching their World Cup campaigns to lure in new customers who are looking to call the 37 countries in the World Cup. If you have families in say Brazil, Argentina, England, China, etc, you can expect very cheap international calls.
It is time to celebrate one of the best sports in the world. This event brings many people together from all over the world to join and have fun. Families and friends across the world will be watching the same game as you do, so it is special. Two such VoIP services understand this and are giving low cost calls. The providers are:
This great new service launched in February 2010, and has taken the calling card market by a storm with their extremely low prices. They have launched a new campaign giving extremely reduced prices to South Africa and there new plan to give reduced cost calls to the other countries. After a game is played, the country that wins will have reduced calls by about 50%. This is perfect because after a game people who support the country will want to call there. Reduced calls will last 24 hours through the next day. This will run until July 11. The winner of the World Cup will receive 7 days of cheap calls! This is special, so hope that your team wins.
Nymgo is a very popular VoIP service. They are offering a nice offer for users to take part in during the World Cup. There campaign is simple and sweet. For the 30 day World Cup 2010, you will get 50% reduced calls to all the countries in South Africa. This is really considerate of Nymgo to give such an offer.
World Cup South Africa 2010 is going to be a fun filled even and these services do not want you to miss these opportunities to speak with your loved ones just because of expensive rates. uVOIPit is a new but upcoming VoIP service that will give you a great way to make cheap international telephone calls. Try them today and enjoy the World Cup!
Jason is a telecommunication professional and in this business for over 10 years. Using international calling card people can make calls for cheap and sometimes free. His goal is to teach individuals about VoIP technology and its benefits.
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