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Types of Flowers

Monday, January 11, 2010

Types of Flowers

Flowers can be a special gift between two people. Generally, they send messages of friendship, gratitude, love, and cheer. There are many types of flowers, sending different messages. Depending on the situation, a person should be aware of the symbolism of their gift.

Of course it is always a positive, good gesture, but the meaning can have varying degrees. It is important to understand the occasions to give different types of flowers. Birthdays and anniversaries and congratulations, get-well flowers, a wedding bouquet, and fresh flowers on a grave, these are all sending messages.

In weddings, for example, the bride and groom would plan the tone and focus of the event, and incorporate that into every part of the decorations and ambience, especially in the types of flowers. One of the most common wedding flowers are, you guessed it, roses. For centuries, the rose has been a traditional symbol of love, romance and commitment. Roses come in more than three thousand varieties, which are different in size, shape of the flowers like dense or few petals, and growing patterns. There are also varieties that give the strong, sweet anticipated scent, while other varieties hardly smell at all.

Tulips are right up there with roses in wedding décor. It also represents love and passion, and comes in a variety of colors to compliment the bouquet and scheme. Other types of flowers that are wedding favorites include calla lilies, hydrangeas and stephanotis. A lot of information is available to look into these flowers, their coloring options and meaning.

On the other end of the spectrum, flowers are also a strong tradition of funerals. Once again, roses are popular for their classic beauty. In addition, people send carnations, daisies, and other types of flowers according to their feelings for the deceased, or their support towards the bereaved. Flowers are used to cover the casket, in sprays to decorate the funeral service, and in baskets, wreaths and crosses for more decoration and to likewise honor the deceased. It is appropriate for family members, friends and associates of the deceased or grieving to give accordingly to each other.

Men and women have long since known that a bouquet will soften almost any situation. Flower types might come around in availability at certain times of year, and a smart significant other would have the phone number of the local florist on speed dial at the chance that a situation might come up. A knowledgeable, experienced florist will be able to have more advice about the symbols of specific flowers, and their expected vase life. He or she will become a good reference and associate as flower giving opportunities come by several times each year.

In this day of virtual poking and following, the person to person contact becomes more valuable. Floral arrangements are an enduring kind gesture. Taking the time and doing simple research about flowers will allow a thoughtful friend to build bridges, lift others, and share smiles. The message will travel all the deeper when expressed with the right flower type.

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