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Pele Vs Maradona By Brono Pisino

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going on forever, a conclusive answer as to who the best player in the history of the game is remains elusive, regardless of the exhaustive statistical comparisons conducted by soccer analysts. Though many have advanced arguments for one over the other, there is indeed no doubt that both have dazzled us with their abundant talent and stand as Soccer Gods, head and shoulders above numerous highly-talented predecessors and successors.
Dubbed as the Black Pearl, Pele boasts three World Cup wins, along with Copa Libertadores', Intercontinental Cups, a FIFA Player of the Century Award, among numerous other Brazilian and American titles. However, the stat mostly used by soccer pundits in favor of the Brazilian is his goal-scoring record of 1280 score in 1363 games. A mouth-opening stat by any standard, many "Pibe de Oro" lovers frequently downplay that stat by alluding to the quality of defenders in the leagues where Pele made a name for himself.
Arguments advanced in Maradona's favor, on the other hand, revolve around his sole-handed win of the Mexico '86 World Cup - a time when the modest talents of Valdano and Burruchaga were his only lifeline.
Lacking in the silverware department, he won league titles in Argentina and Italy, national Cups in Spain and Italy, and many individual honors, including best player at the '86 World Cup, FIFA Goal of the Century, and FIFA Player of the Century (People's Choice). Marred by numerous scandals and cocaine addiction, he remains a God in Napoli and Argentina.
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