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Special Road To Wembley 2011: Flashback Champions League Final 2006

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2005/06 Champions League Final between Barcelona and Arsenal at the Stade de France failed to fruition sweet for Arsene Wenger's squad.
By Aditya Ramadhan
road to wembley 2011
May 25, 2011 09:41:00

Road to Wembley 2011. To warm up you'll be waiting 2010/11 Champions League final at Wembley Stadium, London, Indonesia's special comment about the final tournament of Europe's largest Club in the last five years. Viva the Champions!

Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal
Match Date: May 17, 2006
Venue: Stade de France in Saint Denis
Referee: Terje Hauge (Norway)
Attendance: 75,500
Man of the Match: Ronaldinho

Champions League Final 2006 at the Stade de France to bring two teams hungry for a degree from mainland Europe. For Barcelona, ​​this is the fifth final, but the first in 12 years or since slaughtered AC Milan in Athens in 1994. For Arsenal, this is the first final during their participation in the Champions League. The Gunners also became the first London club to reach the final.

Barca reach the finals as group Jura, in the round knock-out mengalahkah Chelsea, Benfica and Milan. Arsenal past the group stage phase as champion, thrashed Real Madrid, Juventus and Villarreal, without conceding.

Even the Arsenal scoring record as the team that was conceded for 919 minutes, since the break Ajax goalkeeper Jens Lehmann in the group stage. More specifically, Arsenal conceded just two goals in 12 matches before reaching the final. Barcelona productive with 114 goals in all competitions throughout the season.

UEFA decided to hold the final at Stade de France, after considering the capacity of stadiums, infrastructure, airport and city promotional plan. Another consideration, Stade de France held a seasoned international and European level action.

In Barcelona, ​​a 70-meter-wide television is created in the Mini Estadi, for events with around 15,276 fans watching La Blaugrana. Earlier, around 1.2 million inhabitants Barca spilling in the streets celebrating the success his team won La Liga.

In the morning, several hours before the final, problems arise. Assistant referee Ole Hermann Borgan uniform posing with Barcelona for Drammens Tidende - newspaper in Norway. UEFA decided to take them off, and pointed Arild Sundet - Borgan compatriots - as his successor.

Rune Pedersen, Norway's referees association chairman, said: "There is an unwritten rule that the referee should not be doing anything that could make him doubt its neutrality."

The final winner will get a new trophy. Long been a perpetual trophy property Liverpool, following the successful Liverpool win the Champions League five times next year.

Barcelona use a 4-3-3 formation, with Mark van Bommel and Edmilson in midfield Joint Deco. Xavi and Andres Iniesta was in front of him. Lionel Messi does not play, though has returned from injury. Henrik Larsson became a substitute player, and performed the last time for Barca.

Arsenal played a 4-5-1 formation, with Emmanuel Eboue replacing Lauren - who suffered injuries. Ashley Cole returned to the position of left-back a third time. He was more absent due to injury. Thierry Henry was alone in front, Frederick Ljungberg playing wide on the right side.

Arsenal using a second jersey, with residents yellow. Barcelona wearing traditional costumes, with blue and maroon. Arsenal won a coin toss kick off.

Thierry Henry had threatened more direct shot into the goal past Victor Valdez. The seventh minute, Ludovic Giuly made berjibaku Jens Lehmann save his goal.

Entering the 18th minute, Lehmann became the first person rewarded red card in the Champions League final, due to prop Samuel Eto'o outside the penalty box. Robert Pires was sacrificed for Manuel Almunia could stand under the rule. Giuly scored, but disallowed for a foul.

The 35th minute, Sol Campbell scored a goal, use of bait-free shots. The referee gave the free shots because Carles Pujol drop Eboue in the penalty box. Observers say Eboue diving.

In the second half, Arsenal great distress since the first minute, and Almunia several times to work hard to save his goal. But the new-born replies goals Barcelona the 76th minute. Samuel Eto'o use of bait mature Larsson - who entered the 61st minute to replace Mark van Bommel.

The 80th minute, Larsson send feedback to Juliano Belletti. Oleguer replace players who enter the 71st minute was converted into the winning goal.

Substitution by Arsene Wenger, after the first goal Barca, relatively not bring pangaruh. The presence of Mathieu Flamini, Cesc Fabregas replaced, does not alter the performance of the Gunners midfield.

Barca's Champions League return with the trophy, but next season coach Frank Rijkaard's team failed to overcome the setback. Ronaldinho is no longer the best. Deco beginning to show a decline in achievement. While Messi showed maturity, which gives new hope.

* Arsenal
* Barcelona


* Juliano Belletti
* Sol Campbell
* Eto'o

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