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Florist: Pan Lucky from Chrysanthemum Flower Business

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Florist: Pan Lucky from Chrysanthemum Flower Business
Thursday, March 11, 2010 Published by beards cool

Businesses cut flowers, especially flowers Chrysanthemum species, Krisantemum or better known as Chrysanthemum flowers are still promising. One of the central flower cultivation which is widely used in wedding bouquets, and other ceremonial events, it is in the village of Poncokusumo, District Poncokusumo Malang.

According to one of the pioneers flower cultivation with the Latin name is Chrysanthemum indicum L, Andry, market demand at home and abroad is quite good. In fact, on certain days such as when the big day, the demand can be increased two-to three-fold. "For local consumption (Malang) are still lacking, especially for big cities like Jakarta, Bandung and Denpasar. So also overseas markets, like Singapore, is still lacking," said Andrew who is also Chairman of the Farmers Paguyupan Poncokusumo Apples. These flowers will be on sale to existing Florist in the area.

For now, Malang, indeed including the four major cities after Jakarta, Bandung, and Denpasar, which absorb a lot of cut flower products, especially the Chrysanthemum. "Perhaps because it supported the existence of Malang as a tourist destination, many hotels that require this to a bouquet of flowers as well as event- other ceremonial events, in addition to the wedding of course, "he explained to Jongjava.

Several varieties of chrysanthemum flowers that become an idol in a few Florist in the market, including the standard type and spray.

Spray is a type of flower in one stalk there are some bud with a smaller size with a diameter of 5.5 cm with a display of about 65.70 cm stalk. Whereas the standard, in one stalk there is only one flower bud with a diameter size doubled type spray. "Compared to the spray, which sought more standard," said Andrew.

Pretty Easy

Meanwhile, chrysanthemum cultivation process itself is not too complicated. At the time of chrysanthemum growth should be given shade (green house) and artificial light for 16 hours a day. When the flowers began to appear, the light should be reduced to 8 hours a day for the flower color is perfect. "Cuacalah the most affect the growth of chrysanthemum petals. Suppose that in Malang, a decrease in the fog,''explained Andrew.

The fall in the fog, he added, could make the harvest due to less perfect retreat during the expansion. In addition, the fog and the weather is less conducive to the growth of fungus. "This is what I anticipated" he explained.

Compared with other areas, ways of planting chrysanthemums this Poncokusumo different from the others. Suppose in Batu. In the town of Batu, Chrysanthemum widely planted in dry (open garden) and can bloom more than once. Characteristics of the soil allows the plants can be more than one piece. While Chrysanthemum Poncokusumo, once cut. That is, once the planting, after harvest, the plants should be removed and replaced again with the crop / new seedlings. Planting until the harvest period ranges from three to four months. Thus, on average, farmers could harvest his garden chrysanthemum from three to four times a year.

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