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bola- Simplify Your Mental Game for Success

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hi friend
Anything in life can become too complex. Take computers for example.
Most of us use them everyday, but we really do not know how they
work inside the box. We use them for simple tasks such as to write
emails and do word processing.
The makers of computers have made them simple for us to use (most
of the time). If computers were too complex - we would not perform
at our peak efficiency.
Your sports performance is no different. If learning a new backhand
or beam routine becomes too complex for the student, no learning
happens and nothing gets accomplished.
We can say the same for your mental game. When you make your
performance too complicated by over-thinking or over-analyzing,
your body will not respond well.
Have you heard the saying "paralysis by over analysis?"
In 2001, I was at the Buick Invitational in San Diego working with
some golf students. Joe Durant approached me saying he was thinking
too much about his preshot preparation.
He went on to talk about how he was over-analyzing the final steps
in his routine. He was thinking too much about what to do before he
executed a shot and could not pull the trigger.
His over thinking was sabotaging his natural athletic ability.
We worked for a few minutes on the practice tee discussing how to
simplify his approach. I showed him how to stop over analyzing and
use his natural feel to perform like an athlete - and not a
mechanized robot.
He liked my approach to make his thought process simple. Joe only
scored a top 40 that week, but he won his next two events!
Mental training should not be complex, but some mental coaches do
not abide by this principle. They use psycho-babble and complex terms
from psychology such as inverted U Hypothesis to try to explain
concepts that should be easy to understand.
*Athletes can not understand and apply
complex mental training strategies.*
Our workbook program - The Confident Athlete Series - is so
simple to use and apply that a 12 year old could easily benefit
from the strategies. The step-by-step workbook format allows you to
easily understand and use simplified mental training strategies.
I was ecstatic to get recent feedback from a world-class swim
coach about 'The Confident Athlete' workbook series:

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