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Wow, Justin & Selena Gomez Nude

Friday, August 12, 2011

selena & justin nude
LOS ANGELES - Amid rumors hardness drop, suddenly Justin and Selena Gomez did not use any clothes on her body.

Apparently, Justin and Selena was not real, but only a replica of Justin and Selena in the form of sculpture. Is a sculptor named Daniel Edwards has created the work in the name of art.

Pamatung controversial statue was created using bronze metal base materials. Replication Justin and Selena really be described without any clothes covering the body. Only the Canadian Maple leaf and the Star of Texas that covers the genitals.

Titled 'Justin and Selena as One' (Justin and Selena are One) statue was dedicated to the singer of Never Say Never and women 19 years as Adam and Eve of the 21st century. Aceshowbiz Thus was launched on Wednesday (10/08/2011).

Brown statue will be launched in Dallas on the show 'Dallas' New Fine Arts'. The sculptor, Daniel, in a press release stated, the statue represents the portrait of the two (representing the area of ​​origin Justin and Selena), namely Canada and the Texas-Americans.

"Justin and Selena to join together, symbolizes the harmony between the neighboring countries Canada and the United States. Countries like North Korea and South Korea can learn from our example. It would be better to show these portraits in any world region that was hit by tensions high, "said spokesman Cory Allen.

Daniel is known as a sculptor controversial because the works they create. Call it, the statue of Britney Spears giving birth, Hillary Clinton is naked, dirt inside of Suri Cruise and Paris Hilton.

Justin and Selena is not the first celebrity couple that has been carved. In 2009, he made a statue of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the arms of her lover titled 'Brangelina'. (Ang) Wow, Justin & Selena Gomez Nude

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