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Diabetes Drugs from the Pumpkin Parang UGM Student Findings

Friday, July 15, 2011

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Diabetes Drugs from the Pumpkin Parang UGM Student Findings
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Muhammad Rijki, managed to find the content of pumpkin machete can be used to treat Diabetes Mellitus (DM) type 2. His discovery was made Rijki awarded the Alltech Young Scientist Award.
Pumpkin machetes contain saponin compounds and flavonoids, which are both efficacious lowering blood glucose levels and improve pancreatic beta cells to produce insulin again.
"These materials are contained in a flask with machetes," said Rijki told reporters after the awards ceremony at the Faculty in Yogyakarta.

Based on his research revealed Rijki, saponin content significantly can lower blood glucose. Although these new experiments conducted on mice, but she saw results quite encouraging.
"The results of measurement, the higher the dose of saponin will be significantly lower glucose levels," he said.
He said to treat diabetes in humans, is required machete 400-800 grams pumpkin that has been extracted to be consumed each day. But if it's too much trouble, he suggested a machete pumpkin can be consumed directly by a blender puree. "Saponin soluble in water, when cooked, saponin levels will be reduced," he said.
According to him, the initial idea to use pumpkin machete comes when he returned to his home in the village of Caringin, Sukabumi, West Java. He saw many farmers are cultivating pumpkins machetes.
At that time, Rijki trying to dig information about the efficacy of this pumpkin over the internet. After that, he tried to do further research by testing in the laboratory. He used the rat as a guinea pig.
"These preliminary results are indeed significant.'s Just that in my village, not many farmers who grow pumpkins machete again. Hopefully with these findings machetes pumpkin production is increasing," he said.
Because of his accomplishments, it Rijki earn medals and certificates from the PT. Alltech Biotechnology Indonesia, which is given directly by the General Manager submitted directly DVM, Isra Noor.
Also attending the awards ceremony, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Cooperation and Alumni Faculty drh. Setyo Budhi, MP.
GM Indonesia PT Alltech Biotechnology, Isra Noor, said Rijki was the only student from the Department of Veterinary Medicine who won this award. "This year many of the farms majors and graduate students," he said.


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