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Will the New E-Book Readers Replace Paper and Ink Media?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Will the New E-Book Readers Replace Paper and Ink Media?
By Cindy Rupp

E-book readers (or digital readers as they are also called) are all the rage today. It seems that every time we turn around another major player is releasing, or planning on releasing a new electronic reading device. At the present time Amazon's Kindle reader is the top choice among consumers.

Today, the average price of the e-book readers on the market is about $300. The average price had been closer to $400 until recently when Amazon dropped the Kindle price down some.
Many consumers, unfamiliar with e-book readers, refuse to spend that much money on a device that many have never even held before, let alone use. It is expected however, that sometime in 2010, the prices may drop again due to many more electronics companies promising to release new digital readers before year's end.

Electronics company Acer announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that it plans on releasing a family of readers before the end of this year. While Acer is not one of the world's favorite electronics manufacturers compared to say, Sony or Samsung, it does deserve recognition for making the mini laptop wildly popular. Its micro laptops did indeed sell like lemonade on a hot summer day and they are still doing well today. The interesting aspect of the Acer announcement is the fact that these devices will most certainly be priced well below that of the current average price, which will undoubtedly drive down the costs of all of the readers being sold-which is great news for the consumer!

Talk to anyone who owns a Kindle reader (or any brand name e-book reader for that matter) and they will surely sing the praises of reading electronically. The portability factor and the fact that you can load an entire personal library onto one, small and thin device is pretty impressive. They will also surely tell you that e-book readers are eco-friendly

The next question on the minds of many is this: Will e-book readers replace books, newspapers and magazines in the very near future? They are fun to use, are extremely practical and allow you to take all of your books with you, no matter where you go. Already a few colleges in the United States are testing e-book readers in their classrooms as a possible replacement for costly textbooks. Are we willing to give up the joys of opening a new book, smelling the fresh scent of ink on paper for an electronic gadget? Who knows? Maybe and maybe not.

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