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Why Should You Visit Wembley Stadium? By Chris T Holland

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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While the answer to this question may seem obvious, there is more than just one reason why you should visit Wembley stadium. While the football will always be the 'main attraction' of 90,000 fans, there are still plenty of other reasons why you should visit Wembley stadium. In this guide, we will explore these reasons, and take a look at what exactly Wembley has to offer.
Obviously, Wembley stadium is the home of English football, because it plays host to all of England's home games, but Wembley plays host to more sports than just football. In 2010, Wembley held five England matches and all the major domestic football finals. In a 'non major tournament' year Wembley will host in excess of 10 England matches. Past football, Wembley is used for various other sports, including rugby and NFL. On an average year, Wembley welcomes roughly 1 and a half million visitors to its grounds for sport
The stadium also plays host to some of the biggest concerts in the UK. In the past three years major bands such as, Muse, Green Day, Coldplay, U2, Oasis, Take That, AC/DC, Madonna and the Foo fighters have all played successful concerts at Wembley stadium. Alongside these huge names, 2010 was the first year that the capital summertime ball was held at Wembley stadium, and this concert boasted chart topping acts like Rhianna and Usher.
Stadium Tour
The stadium tour is described by members of Wembley as an unforgettable 90 minute experience. The tour is open all year around (apart from the 25/26 December and 1st January). There are two tours a day, one sets off at 10AM and the other at 4PM. The tour focuses on all the football (past and present) at Wembley and allows you to visit the England dressing room, hold a replica FA cup and even climb the trophy winner's steps. Tickets are almost always available and a family of four can take the tour for less than £40.
The tours are operated by trained specialists who will be more than happy to answer questions that you have on its history. These tour guides will take you around Wembley stadium, where you will see such famous monuments like the 1966 world cup crossbar, and other trophies that have been lifted at the stadium.
When all is said and done, Wembley stadium is a sunning piece of architecture. Many enthusiasts go to Wembley to explore its amazing features, which is something the majority of us take for granted.
Most architecture lovers visit Wembley to be amazed by its stunning arch's. On the Wembley website, there is an entire section dedicated to the creation of the arch, therefore you can see the importance of the arch. For example, did you know that you could wheel the London eye underneath the arches!
Without a doubt, Wembley stadium will continue to be one of the most historic venues for all different types of sport and entertainment for years to come. Therefore, visiting Wembley is visiting a small section of history.
By Christopher Holland - Wembley Stadium Tours

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