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UEFA Champions League Final Preview: Manchester United vs. Barcelona

Monday, May 23, 2011

Barcelona vc manchester united preview
By Alex Groberman
As good as Manchester United has been both this year and historically, the tear that Barcelona is on as of late is unprecedented. The biggest and brightest star for Manchester United remains the oft-controversial Wayne Rooney, who despite his ups and downs is a world class athlete capable of playing the game at any level. He, above all other players amongst the Manchester United ranks can go head to head with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez and come out on the other end unmoved.
Players like Javier Hernandez and Luis Antonio Valencia and Manchester United will also be key.
Still, the one thorn in Manchester United’s side all year has been a strangely inexplicable lack of consistency when playing away from home, outside of the comfort that Old Trafford provides. The team’s loss to Arsenal provided a perfect case in point example of the way this seemingly top of the line Manchester United club folds to good, but not better than them groups just because they are mildly out of their comfort zones.
Obviously Manchester United is an amazing strong club, but whether they have the guns to hang with opponents of this caliber still remains to be seen.

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