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Employee Coordination - Making the "Machine" Work!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

By Craig Ferreira

Running a company is virtually like the inner working pieces of a good-sized machine. One part stops working or snags, and KABOOM! the machine blows up.
How does this relate to business? Your company is made up of employees, services, repair/maintenance personnel, office equipment, IT, quality control, sales, marketing, hiring, etc. The most efficient method is to hold regular weekly staff meetings whereby agreements are formulated for the important upcoming week's functions and production.
Here are some suggestions or ideas on ways to conduct a staff meeting:
* Select a time and place that works so EVERY employee may be present and represented. One might hold these over a lunch hour, having each bring their own food one day a week and eating together while meeting; PLEASE ENSURE TO FOLLOW YOUR EMPLOYEE LABOR LAWS AS THESE VARY STATE TO STATE REGARDING SUCH
MEETINGS - in some the employer must pay the employee for this hour if such a meeting is considered "working".
* Come prepared! Have the above prepared in advance; bring your notes and the sequence of items to cover so the meeting goes smoothly. * Focus on and acknowledge all wins and successes of the group. Note again that "COORDINATION" is the key word here and should be your entire purpose and focus for the meetings.
Adding a staff meeting each week will not only bolster production, but may also help your company work and feel more like a team. Craig Ferreira, CEO
Survival Strategies, Inc.
I have personally trained and consulted businesses of all types in 23 countries since the 70's and am trained as a "Troubleshooter/Coach." My business partner and I worked exclusively with this field from 1989 to 1994 and Survival Strategies was born.
We formed Survival Strategies after observing a need in the health care, CPA and Small Business fields, for improved skill and ability in developing the professional relationships required between the various disciplines to ensure and help facilitate high quality patient/client care.

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