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How to Bypass the Megavideo Time Limit By Mila Marsh

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Megavideo has enforced a 72 minute viewing limit on all of it's hosted videos for non premium account holders. After reaching 72 minutes of viewing, the video file stops & displays a message saying that you have to wait for 54 minutes or pay for a premium account for unlimited access.
As many of you will know, this can be very frustrating if you are watching a file which is over 72 minutes long, however there are several methods which can help you bypass video time limits.
Method 1) Download Megavideo
You can download the Video direct to your PC & watch it, Ideal if it is your favourite Movie or TV show that you would like to keep. (see link at the end of this article for easy to follow instructions)
Method 2) View Through A Proxy
You can view video through a specialist proxy site. There are many different proxy sites which support video streaming available, some free, some paid subscription
Method 3) Cookie Blocking
You can block the video cookie (only works on certain browsers). If using Firefox you can block all incoming cookies from video which stops the enforced limit
Method 4) Work Offline
By allowing the video to buffer to the end, you can choose to work offline & bypass the time
Method 5) Modem Reset
You can reset your Modem. If you have a dynamic I.P (one which changes) you can reset your modem to generate a new I.P once you reach the limit
All these methods to bypass video time limit have been tried & tested by 1000's of users with great success.
To find out more information on how to implement each method please visit: Megavideo Time Lim

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