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FIFA World Cup 2014 - Expectations Flying High By Vikash Singal Platinum Quality Author

Monday, August 30, 2010

The recently concluded 2010 FIFA world cup held in the African country South Africa has just arrived and gone, and everyone's has already got their eyes fixated on the host of the next world cup to be held in Brazil. All of the satellites are now redirected towards the South American continent where the action is going to be taking place. Every football loving person hopes and expects the Samba Brazilians to put up a better performance than the South Africans.
Owing to the very fact that, the Brazil is the home of football, the expectations are on a continuous rise. Having being the winner of the football world cup more than any of the other countries and being the one single nation to have the pride to have participated in all of the editions, the whole world does certainly expects to notice something out of the box coming in the year 2014. In addition, they have also won the Under-17 cup; they have grabbed the U-20 and they are also the winner of the CONCACAF nations' cup for a good number of times.
To your general knowledge, the ever so popular Maracana stadium is certainly going to be a football fan's dream place to watch the biggest event on earth. South Africa has already surprised the entire world by a supreme organization of the hitch-free tournament; they offered true world class amenities that includes the 8 quality stadiums, standard roads, top quality telecommunication services, pleasure of staying at the 5 star hotels, great tourist spots, sufficient security, etc hence setting up the pace which would be really a tough call for the immediate host to match.
They offered something which was totally unique in nature and maintained the African flavor all the way through and of all the beauties the Jabulani ball was at the same time problematic and reason to have fun. Now, the question arises what are we supposed to expect in Brazil? Are they going to offer us something which would turn make the Samba dance into a thing to commemorate al the way through? What sort of football are we looking forward to see there? It's pretty certain that FIFA clearly knows that the notion of the Jabulani ball did not function as expected - not a lot of goals were being scored; in spite, it led to majority of our favorite stars failing to perform at the world stage and thence not scoring goals. It has made the likes of stars like Lionel Messi, English star Wayne Rooney, Spanish great Fernando Torres, the likes of etc. not able to even score one single goal, owing to it's of its slippery nature and the property of not having directions.
It's certainly hoped that the FIFA World Cup 2014 host would be able to offer us with sufficient security to the players, the officials and last but certainly not the least the fans. They assured at South Africa that Brazilians have already started preparing for 2014 big phenomenon. Let's thence hope that we will have better stadiums, quality roads, good communication and quality accommodation. Then again, Brazil can't afford to perform the way they did it on the ground, and it's a no secret that the world expects a great deal out of her.

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