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Paper Flowers Are Forever By Jane A Morris Platinum Quality Author

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making paper flowers can be fun for everyone from a young age into your older years and this craft is showing up again as in Victorian times. Paper flowers are only limited by ones creativity. In our world today, there seems to be very little opportunity for developing minds and talents, but there are a few people in our society that are using this art to express their own creativity and the art of making paper flowers is coming back in full force.  Paper flower making was always one of my favorite crafts as a child and it still is.
Paper flowers are not costly and can be made for any occasion. These magnificent works of art can last you a lifetime. It wasn't long ago I heard a story from a friend about how her mother a few months earlier had been going through an old chest that contained her wedding memories and she found her wedding bouquet it was a little faded and a little bit crushed but it was still was as pretty as when she had gotten married 63 years earlier. To make a long story short the flowers were made of paper.
Making paper flowers are simple to make and can be as beautiful as the ones Mother Nature has provided if not prettier because you can add glitter and shine to your paper flowers. If you want them to look more like the real thing then don't make the petals or leaves perfect every time because you want them to look unique each time as the ones in nature are not the same shape on every flower. Making your own paper flowers can be a great way to substitute for the natural expensive flower bouquets, especially since the real ones don't last more than about a week and your creations can last forever and when you do get tired of them you can recycle them which makes them eco-friendly too.
If you enjoy doing crafts, making paper flowers is only limited by your imagination. They can be made into wedding decorations, prom corsages and decorations, home décor centerpieces, package decorations, and party decorations etc. You can also add scent to your paper flowers to make a room smell good, all you need to do is add a drop of oil fragrance to a flower petal. These are only a few ways to use your artistic talent for making paper flowers.  
I also found an article on the Internet that says Chanel used paper flowers for headpieces for their models, adorned some of their garments, and also as decorations for the stairway going to the catwalk for their models. This is a very interesting fact if designers are using paper flowers in their décor then this tells me that this craft is really making a come back this year and maybe for some years to come.
You can make paper flowers with crepe paper, tissue paper, mulberry paper that is also eco friendly because it is made from the bark of the mulberry tree and does not harm the trees because it is stripped from the trees and the bark will grow back, and there are also other types of paper that you can use. They can be any color that you want them to be.  You can scent them with different scents or embellish them with a little paint or markers or you can add different types of jewels by gluing them on to the flowers.  There are many types of flowers that can be made in all different sizes and styles.
If you need thicker crepe paper or paper that is one color on one side and another color on the other side then you want to use what is called duplex paper but it may be hard to find. If you cannot find any I wrote an article on how to make duplex crepe paper and you can find the article on E-zine articles.
This may be a good year to learn how to make paper flowers they do not cost nearly as much as the real thing to decorate with and they will last a lot longer and can be used over and over again if need be and it will be you that gets the praise for how good they look since you were the one that created them. You cam make a lot of paper flowers and have them blooming all over the place, just like the real thing in the springtime.  Have fun and be creative!

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